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People who are death-devoted to an ideology of death and destruction cannot be "contained."

November 14, 2015

Live And Let Die

Most of us agree on the Live and Let Live philosophy. But it seems there is an ideology in the world that doesn’t feel this way. Angry young Muslim men with Jihad on their minds want to kill and die for Allah. Their ideology is a committed Die and Let Die.

If someone ever says to you, “Denounce your beliefs or I’ll kill you,” then you may have to die for what you believe in. No one knows what they’d do in this situation until actually in it, and what we’d do might be very different from what we think we’d do. But I hope you nor I ever have to find out.

If you are a Gandhi, or a Jan Palach, and you decide that burning yourself alive is the only way to bring attention to your cause, then I may not agree with you; I’d try to convince you that you can do more for your cause by living. But ultimately, it is your choice.

But when you think dying for your cause includes taking others with you, in the manner of maniac Jihadis, school shooters, Lucifer, and other such mental cases, then it’s time to take you out before you have a chance to take anyone else with you. It is time to eradicate you.

These people cannot be contained, Mr. President. If you contain them, where do you contain them? If you contain them in their cities, what about the good inhabitants of those cities that don’t share the Jihadis’ annalistic views? They will either be killed, or they will have to flee to other countries. (How’s that workin’ out for ya, Ms. Merkle?) Why should good people have to leave their homes and countries, and why should other counties have to carry this burden, just so you can say that you have ISIS contained?

After these Paris attacks, I would imagine that much of the world is looking at immigration very differently now. And much of what is going on in the world right now lays squarely at the feet of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and those allied with them. As the Paris attacks have shown, you do not have them contained, nor can you contain them. Because they want to be with Allah. And the only way they can do this is to kill infidels – which is anyone who doesn’t espouse their ideology, including other Muslims. Eventually, these Jihadis will start killing each other as well. But not until they have destroyed the rest of the human race first.

These people are death-devoted to an ideology of death and destruction. This ideology cannot be contained, nor can it be allowed to exist anywhere, not even for study in a CDC Petri dish. The only choice at this point is to Live and Let Die.


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