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President Obama is more interested in his status as a world citizen than in protecting American citizens.

November 20, 2015

The Common Sense Test

My wife said something to me the other night that shocked me. She said that even though they had no food on the table when growing up in the USSR, she at least felt safe. My wife’s parents were both teachers, and when the Soviet government couldn’t afford to pay their salaries, they would pay them with soap. Not much help when you don’t have food. But in the USA, we have food on the table, but we no longer feel safe.

There’s a very simple test for common sense and stupidity/lunacy, and it has to do with one’s priorities. In every decision in life, every endeavor we undertake, every person we interact with, there are three major factors to be considered, and they must be considered in this order: 1) Safety, 2) Comfort, 3) Aesthetics.

When we consider aesthetics above comfort in our decisions, there are eventual consequences. But when we choose aesthetics or comfort before safety, the consequences are always catastrophic, and we end up with neither safety, comfort, or beauty.

Life is balance, and balance depends on common sense priorities. You can use the above test to size-up people and situations pretty quickly.

Speaking of sizing up people: President Obama has a gambling addiction. He is willing to risk the safety of American citizens by gambling with their lives. He considers the disaffected of other counties over the safety of USA citizens – all in the hope that we’ll be able to sit around and sing “Imagine” or “Kumbaya.” He is the President of the United States of America, for God’s sake, and yet he is more interested in being a world citizen, than in protecting the citizens that elected him to protect them!

He is a madman. A complete ideologue. He has evoked the words My Brother’s Keeper for the same reason as the one who first uttered those words – to hide his actions, intentions, and motivations (anger, resentment, and revenge when finding out that he was not the Messiah).

Fools try to shut wise men up, but wise men let fools speak so that all will know they are fools. Most of our founding fathers were Christian, but they were not all of the same sect, and had differing views. And they all had experienced firsthand what happens to freedom when a single sect of any religion joins forces with government to suppress or eliminate the views of any other sect.

This is what ideologues do, and this is the definition of an ideologue, be it political, apolitical, religious, or atheistic. They use government to annihilate those who disagree with them. It’s not enough for them to have an opinion, but that all differing opinions must be eliminated, because they see differing opinions as the problem, and the reason why their utopia cannot be reached.

If you are a Sunni Muslim, you not only want to eliminate all non-Muslims, but you also want to eliminate all non-Sunni Muslims as well. And this desire to eliminate all opposing views reminds me of the students in Mizzou, as they continue to complain about manufactured injustices and that the Paris terrorists have stolen the spotlight from them.

Unless there is a return to reason and common sense in this country by our leaders and by the populous, the heads of these students will be hanging on posts at the campus entrance, courtesy of the Sunni branch of the “religion of peace.” And the world will be as one. Just Imagine.


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