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Time for some candidates to drop out.

November 24, 2015

Poll Dancing

Right now the polls show Trump, Carson, Rubio, Bush, Cruz, and Christie all beating Hillary in the general election, with Fiorina tying with Hillary. But here’s how the Republican candidates rank among themselves today, and my humble opinion of them.

Trump @ 24% – tough enough and smart enough to fix the pressing issues facing our country right now. Someone who can help kick the “stupid” (as a noun) out of Washington. Yes, Mr. Trump will use executive authority, but for what is was designed for: to enforce existing laws; not to make, break, or circumvent existing laws, as Obama has done. There is already a law against illegal immigration. There is already a law to build a wall.

Cruz @ 23% – someone who will fight for the Constitution of the USA, and kick the anarchist out of Washington. A great vice-president for the current situation, and a great next president once the cronies are kicked out of the system.

Carson @ 18% – a good person, but not the president. I want this guy to work on my brain, not my country.

Rubio @ 13% – someone who will eventually cave to the pressure of Washington if elected president. A good senator if he’ll do what he promises, and not cave. If so, he might make a good president 10 or 15 years from now. He’s better than a mini-Bush, but right now the Republican establishment still thinks he is their best hope, and that scares me.

Paul @ 5% – Good hair, but a real like him/don’t like him kind of candidate.

Bush @ 4% – He doesn’t want the job, and we don’t want him. So stop pretending for the family legacy’s sake, and just go ahead and join the Democrat party.

Fiorina @ 3% – A decent person, and a real fighter.

Christie @ 2% – Still dealing with self-esteem issues. Will go with whoever gives him attention. Bruce Springsteen, Obama, Bush, etc.

Huckabee @ 2% – A bass player, and not even a good one.

Santorum @ 2% – Who?

Kasich @ 1% – A grumpy old curmudgeon who reminds me of Dana Carvey’s Grumpy Old Man, “That’s the way it was and we liked it!” Like Bush, should come out of the Democrat closet.

Graham, Pataki @ 0% – as in zero.

Would everyone from Paul and Bush on down, please just drop out?! You are using valuable donor resources that will be needed to defeat Hillary, or George Clooney, should he take her place at the last minute.


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