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My “Protected by ADP” sign will soon include “Backup by Smith and Wesson.”

January 20, 2016

Obama – The Reason I’m Buying A Gun

Have you ever wondered why the most liberal cities in our country have the most gun violence (and the strictest gun laws)? Are they liberal because of the violence, or violent because they are liberal?

President Obama has frequently used the phrase, “That’s not who we are as Americans.” But the more I hear him speak, the more I realize he hasn’t a clue in hell who we are.

I don’t own a gun. I’m not an NRA member. I’ve never read an NRA publication in my life. I considered signing up after the Sandy Hook shootings, but honestly, I don’t know much about the NRA other than Charlton Heston was a member, and I liked it when he said, “from my cold dead hands.” But thanks to Barrack Hussein Obama (not the NRA) gun sales are soaring. And soon, I’ll be a proud gun owner, too.

Barack, like Hillary, complains we are all victims of a right wing conspiracy, or a NRA conspiracy, for thinking he wants to take our guns away. But the problem is, I know history, and I know his ilk – the world-member Euro-socialist that he is. And they don’t just want to take guns away in their countries, they already have taken them.

If you want to get rid of a government of, by, and for the people, you have to take away their power to revolt first. Our founding fathers knew this experientially. Maybe I can’t fight government missiles and tanks, but I can sure make it inconvenient for them. But my main reason for buying a gun has nothing to do with protecting myself from the government, although that’s a pretty damn good reason. My main reason it this:

I lived in Arizona for a short time. One night my wife and I awoke to a noise outside our second floor apartment window. I went to the window and saw a guy trying to get in the window of the 1st floor apartment below ours. I thought telling the guy to “get outta here” would scare him off, but instead, he came up the stairs and tried to break down our door! We called 911.

I leaned against the door to keep him from breaking it down. I yelled that the police were on their way. He yelled back, “That’s OK, I’m on probation anyway.” After 30 very intense minutes, he just suddenly left. A few minutes later the police arrived. That’s a full 35 minutes after our 911 call was initiated! The police looked for him, but couldn’t find him.

I’ve never forgotten his face, and I am 99% sure he is the person that only a few months later went on to kill 6 people, and to injure 19, in Tucson, AZ, including Rep. Gabby Giffords – a person who is now a major gun-control advocate. If I had access to records on where he might have been on that particular night, I could be 100% sure. But if it was him, and if he had succeeded in breaking down the door that night, and if I’d had a gun, those people in Tucson would still be alive.

I do not know why I didn’t buy a gun after that incident. Pretty stupid of me. But now, as Barack Obama releases prisoners from prison; refuses to check immigration; continues to call terrorism workplace violence, I want all to understand: I’m not buying a gun because of the NRA. I’m buying it to protect my family, and I’m doing it now because of Barack Hussein Obama.

I already have an alarm system. Soon my “Protected by ADP” sign will be joined by another sign: “With Backup from Smith and Wesson.” I’m sure this will be a greater deterrent than the alarm, or me shouting, “The Police are on their way.”


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