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There is no reinventing Democrats can do quick enough to save their ship from sinking.

January 21, 2016

What Do The Letters CNN Stand For?

Have you ever wondered why CNN is on all the airport TVs, when Fox News has over 3 times the viewers? Even the cruise ship I took last week used to have FNC on, but now only has CNN and MSNBC (which has even more dismal ratings than CNN).

CNN seemed pretty excited when Donald Trump said “Two” Corinthians instead of 2nd Corinthians in his speech at Liberty University. Apparently, the letters CNN stand for “Cares about New testament Numbering,” because they just couldn’t stop taking about it. Or maybe they were just excited because they were thinking, “NOW these evangelicals will be jumping the Trump-ship like rats from a sinking ship.”

They just don’t get it. Like Barack Obama, the media has no idea who we are.

Let me, once again, try to explain it to CNN:

We don’t like it when Barack Obama quotes the Bible, even if he quotes it eloquently, because it’s like hearing Hillary Clinton talk with “her” southern accent. It’s NOT who they are.

We don’t mind it when Donald Trump says “Two” Corinthians instead of 2nd Corinthians. It is innocent. We understand. We at least know Trump owns a Bible, even if it is dust covered.

And just to set the record straight, we don’t hate rich people. You’ve got us confused with Hillary and Bernie followers.

Here is what we hate and who we are sick and tired of: A political/media class who thinks we need to be protected from ourselves; that thinks we need everything analyzed for us and fed back to us pre-chewed, dripping with their saliva.

This discontent is exactly what fueled the protestant reformation as well as many other political and religious reforms throughout history. Remember? The Bible chained to the pulpit that could only be read and interpreted by the priests?

Mr. Trump is appealing to many on both sides of the aisle. (That’s voters, not politicians, or activists disguised as journalists.) Remember when the “actor” Ronald Reagan got 70% of the vote?

Polls indicate that Donald Trump could get as much as 30% of “The Blacks” vote. And you’d better believe it, Democrats. You’ve taken their vote for granted since LBJ, and now they are jumping your slave ship.

And the Hispanic vote? Consider this, Mr. Bush. I was in a Miami hotel when CNN televised Mr. Trump’s speech at Liberty University. There were several TVs in the lobby, and there were a good number of Hispanics sitting in front of each of those TVs in rapt attention. My guess is that they weren’t listening to see if Mr. Trump was going to deport them or their neighbors. They were listening to Mr. Trump promise to protect Christianity.

Keep in mind that neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton (nor Bernie) have promised to protect Christianity. But they have most definitely promised to protect just about every other group, and usually, at the expense of Christianity.

The Democrat ship is sinking. There is no reinventing they can do quick enough to save their ship. Even a nice paint job won’t cover this leopard’s spots.

The Republican establishment is in the same situation. You’ve broken too many promises, citing impotence as your problem. Sorry about your little “problem,” but we need someone who can finish the job.

There is a movement going on that defies political, religious, and journalistic wisdom and punditry. And it is really exciting to watch.


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