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Government has always been the ultimate tool to suppress truth.

January 27, 2016

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who’s The Conservative-ist Of Them All?

The principle of politics is simple: Just make it look like everything you want is what everyone else wants. In other words, redefine center. That way, you or your group gets more of what they want. “Every man is right in his own eyes,” according to the Scriptures. Most people think that what they want is good. But much of what some people want is unsustainable, and therefore ultimately destructive, to themselves and others.

In our so-called modern world, there still only exists, for the most part, the ancient philosophies of the Epicurean: Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we shall die! (Think liberal. Think Hollywood. Touch it all, taste it all, experience it all.), and the Stoic: Try, try, try – success is not primary. (Think Pharisee. Think Church Lady.)

Some suggest it’s simply a matter of “moderation in all things.” But this only shifts the problem to define, “What is moderation?” And of course this brings us back to the original problem of every person or group thinking they are right and trying to redefine center for the benefit of themselves or their group.

But there is a real difference between moderate and middle (center). Middle is simply the mid-point between what is currently and popularly defined as extremes. So the more extreme one side can be, the more it can move the center its direction, thus redefining thinking and culture.

Moderation has to do with common sense and sound reasoning. I do not want government forcefully and coercively defining what that is. Free and civil debate, and the open exchange of ideas, is the only way this end can be reached, or at least, attempted.

Like all tools (including guns), they are only as good or bad as the intent and purpose of the person using them. Thus, our constitution is only as good as the intent of the one using it. The same with laws. Laws are for the lawless. People with good intent will do what is right without a law. People with bad intent will find a way to circumvent laws.

The ultimate law is the law of love. But people will still find ways to twist and pervert this truth, and to substitute a lie for truth. This has been the battle since the beginning of mankind’s existence.

Ultimately, one’s responsibility is to accept God’s authority and guidance. But given man’s history of dishonesty with God and the Scriptures, this is a very unlikely outcome.

I believe our constitution was framed by those who believed in God and realized that He was the final authority. Yet, they disagreed as to the sectarian specifics, and recognized that government was always the ultimate tool used to suppress truth and the search for it in all areas, both religious and secular. Recognizing this, they endeavored to frame a document that limited government.

Trade has always been a stabilizer in culture – the fairness of it being define by the individuals trading, and not by government – and everyone at the table has something of some value, be it goods or services.

In a good deal, there are no losers. The fair and honest movement of goods and substance from one entity to another involves exchange (you give me something I want, I give you something you want); service (you do something for me, I do something for you); or love (I freely, without constraint or coercion, give you something that is mine to give; you freely, without constraint or coercion, accept it.)

Government should not and cannot be involve in love, because government by its very nature is coercive and forceful. Its force is not natural because it is force by the will of man upon man. Government force is (should be) used for the defense of liberty – the right to choose. This is why it must be limited, else it becomes a force that does exactly what it was designed to prevent: it steals liberty and it steals stuff.

The Trump movement we see going on in our country right now has little to do with ideology. Our country and our people are in a fight for survival and fairness – a survival and a fairness that political correctness has almost eradicated.

None of the current liberal issues are about fairness. They are about feigned unfairness and enlisting government to act unfairly – to extract and steal. To make it look like the failures of one class are a direct result of the successes of others and vice versa.

Liberals don’t care who the liberal-ist candidate is. They simply vote for the most liberal candidate that they think can win and further their agenda of redefining normal.

I don’t care if Trump is the most conservative-ist candidate out there. If he will build the wall, build our national defense, and improve our economy, then we’ll have a good start at undoing what Obama and the Left have done and are seeking to do. And I really don’t care if some disgruntled conservatives are bothered by the fact that other people besides “real-conservatives” care about these things, too.

I want my candidate to be the most conservative candidate that can win. If Trump doesn’t win this primary, we probably won’t have any choice in the 2020 presidential elections but to vote for the least liberal candidate.


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