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Jeb! calls it leadership.

February 3, 2016

They The Elite v. WE THE PEOPLE

John Kasich, Jeb Bush, and other Republican elites have decided that WE THE PEOPLE are so stupid that we couldn’t possibly know what we want, and that they need to intervene and protect us from ourselves before we make a really bad decision, because, after all, they are much smarter than we are, and they know how the “system” works. I’ll just bet they do.

Dear Mr. Kasich and Mr. Bush, this is not about entertainment or an electorate that wants to watch reality TV. This is about those of us who realize this election is about the survival of our nation and its citizenry; we who realize breaking the law is not an act of love, but an illegal act of thievery; those of us who realize that weakening our military does not make us stronger or more liked; those of us who realize that faking unemployment numbers doesn’t produce jobs or put food on our tables!

WE THE PEOPLE are the ones that are giving Trump 38%, while giving you – Mr. Kasich and Mr. Bush – 2-5%. Does that not register? Do you still not get it? Maybe it’s not WE THE PEOPLE that are so dense.

But now the big donors, along with the Ohio Republican Party, and others state parties across America, have joined you, pouring lots of money into anti-Trump/Cruz/Rubio campaigns. Is it just jealousy and envy, or do you really believe you own us?

Yes, to some degree we are voting for what we don’t want. Again, Jeb and John, what do you think those poll numbers mean? But, this morning having just finished reading Mr. Trump’s book, Crippled America, I am absolutely convinced that Trump and WE THE PEOPLE are on the same page.

So here is what we want: This is a three, maybe four man race. And as you said, Jeb! when the lights went back on, “It’s called leadership.” So please set an example of leadership for Mr. Kasich by following the example of Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum (all of whom I'd vote for before I'd vote for you or Mr. Kasich) – stand down!

And to those of you pouring money into the anti-Trump/Cruz/Rubio Super PACs? Good move. Go ahead, piss us off even more. Make our day!


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