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It will soon be a three man race, with a 4th – Bush or Kasich – holding on till the bitter end.

February 10, 2016

Where Do The Votes Come From? Where Do They Go?

John Kasich seems like a nice guy. Not a nice guy like Barack Obama, who you could hang out with, have a beer with, and destroy America with. But the kind of guy you could go to Mass with if you were Catholic. In his own words, John Kasich is somewhere "between Bernie and Hillary," so I guess John’s desire for the destruction of America is innocuous.

But the American people now realize that Barack Obama’s destruction of America isn’t accidental or the result of incompetence or inexperience. (So much for Christie’s argument that lack of experience prevents one from achieving their presidential principles and objectives!) And many American’s would rather have someone with less experience in government, and more commitment to ending Barack Obama’s policies, than a career politician.

Enter The Burger King Crew – Bush, Kasich, and Christie.

John’s second place finish in New Hampshire was most likely due to:

1) He was only second behind Bush in money and people on the ground in New Hampshire.

2) He used the resources and personnel of the Ohio Republican Party to call and knock on doors in New Hampshire. (Is that legal? Ethical?)

3) New Hampshire is a fairly liberal state anyway, so he probably got help from liberal voters, as well as the Republican establishment, who don’t want to see a Trump, Cruz, or Rubio be president, and who would rather see someone liberal win in case Hillary or Bernie lose.

There. Now you know my opinion of John Kasich. (Like you didn’t already know.)

Soon we’ll start seeing Republican candidates drop out of the race. (Chris Christie is already discussing it. Guess he was a little disappointed that after his debate shots at Marco, Marco still beat him in New Hampshire.) So, where do the votes go when Republican candidates start dropping out?

Super Tuesday will probably be the turning point, so here are my predictions: Christie’s votes go to Bush.

Bush’s votes go to Kasich (if Bush goes first).

Kasich’s votes go to Bush (if Kasich goes first).

But here is the math: If Bush’s and Christie’s votes would have gone to Kasich in New Hampshire, Trump still would have been 1st!

If Fiorina and Carson go? Their votes will likely go to Cruz, which would have made Cruz 2nd in New Hampshire. If their votes went to Rubio, then Rubio would have come in 2nd in New Hampshire as well. But here is the kicker: Even if all the New Hampshire votes of Carson, Fiorina, and Rubio put together were given to Cruz, Cruz would still have come in 2nd to Trump!

Let’s face it: If Christie, Bush, and Kasich all go, their votes will mostly go to Hillary. This should tell you a lot about The Burger King Crew.

Things will be very interesting come March 1st. My guess is that it will be a three man race, with a 4th – Bush or Kasich – holding on till the bitter end.

[ED: Christie and Fiorina dropped out later in the day that this article was written.]


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