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If you have jobs, you don’t need free stuff. If there are no jobs, you can’t pay for the free stuff.

February 12, 2016

Honey, Was It Something I Said?

The great draw to the liberal movement for its leaders is money and power. The prime motivation for its followers is guilt. The reason Bernie Sanders is resonating so much more with his followers is because he is one of them – one of the guilty – unlike his opponent Hillary Clinton, the kleptocrat.

At last night’s Democrat debate, the high incarceration/recidivism rate of black males was not attributed to the fact that there is a higher rate of crime among this demographic, but instead, blamed on the racism of Wisconsin’s white Republican governor. This rhetoric might work on liberal followers who feel guilty and angry that their white race could allow such a thing, but this rhetoric ignores the real victims in this situation – the innocent members of the black community who were the victims of these criminals!

I’ll bet the victims of these crimes aren’t complaining about these men being in jail. Give them a call. I’ll bet they can suggest a few more in their community who should be in jail.

As in all the Democrat debates, the candidates cry outrage over problem’s that their own policies have created and exacerbated, crying that the only way to end this madness is more madness. “We need change,” they cry. But I thought we had change 8 years ago? And if we didn’t, then why are they praising Obama for the great job he has done? “Oh, we just need to build on it,” they say. Yeah, like Stalin built on Lenin.

Have you noticed how careful the Democrat candidates (even some Republican candidates) have been lately, not to criticize Obama. Because they need the black vote to win the nomination and the general election.

OK, liberals, ‘er progressives, ‘er socialist followers: It’s time to ask yourselves (I’m assuming you do everything as a group) some honest questions.

What do you want for yourself and others? Jobs, or free stuff?

Because if you have jobs, you don’t need free stuff. And if there are no jobs, you can’t pay for the free stuff.

“Oh, rich people can pay for it?” you say.

There won’t be any rich people, jobs, or tax base if all the jobs are overseas! (Well, there will still be rich people in government.)

Can a doctor help you when they are sick themselves? Go ahead, make yourself and your country poor and weak, if you think it will help the poor and weak.

And those of you (like Bernie and FDR) who think government jobs will solve the problem... where does the government get the money it uses to pay government employees? Taxes! Private sector taxes!

So your whole party is a misnomer. Bernie the socialist and Hillary the kleptocrat are not even an option. You will never solve the world’s problem and create your utopia, because your formula is a circular calculation. You can only borrow/steal to pay your debt – both figuratively and literally. And if you’ve ever used a credit card to borrow money to pay for another credit card, then you know how quickly that ship will sink.

And speaking of screwing yourself – you Republicans? Who do you think will be the best job creator? The two Democrats, Jeb! and Kasich (even Kasich’s demeanor reminds me of Bernie) aren’t an option. Maybe Mr. Carson could create some great jobs in the medical field; Mr. Rubio in the tech field (robotics); Ted in the legal field.

But I’d put my money on Trump. Trust me, if you are standing in a Soviet style bread line, you’ll be saying words much worse than pu**y.


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