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Liberals conform to the standards that create the very problems they say they want to solve.

February 13, 2016

When Socialism Is The Only Game In Town

The American form of socialism is not the old Soviet version of nationalist pride – see how socialism “works” – but rather a pride in how well we can cope with failure.

In America, the idea of healing and success has been replaced with the idea of accommodating failure. Let’s “Make America Crippled Again.”

At a recent campaign rally, Hillary Clinton shouted angrily, “It’s time we got our fair share!” to cheers and applause. She didn’t even say “pay their fair share.” She openly shouted the inciting phrase. Even her tone of voice was very lynch-mob like: “let’s go get our stuff from those cheating bastards.”

Prepare yourself. The mob is gearing up.

The line between “WE THE PEOPLE” and “We the collective” is being blurred deliberately. Those who don’t pay close attention, those with certain proclivities, can’t see the counterfeit that is being sold to them.

In general, young people are usually rebellious, want to do their own thing, want to be independent, and want others to be able to do as they like as well. So why are today’s youth gravitating towards socialism and conformity. Why do they respond so easily to the guilt the Left provides? What traits are so prevalent in many of today’s young people that allow them to buy-in to the socialist camp?

Perhaps it’s the privilege that they have been showered with, that this country has made possible to them. They can’t understand why certain groups cannot rise up to accept and claim this privilege as well, and it bothers them. They have bought into the privilege-bead crap, instead of recognizing that it is American privilege that the race-identity groups have been unable or unwilling to appropriate. Maybe they even feel guilty about American privilege, because it excludes non-Americans. But for some reason, they just can’t recognize the real reasons they have so much. And so they continue on with their crusade on American values.

These people will be diametrically opposed to someone who would want to “make America great again,” because they blame America for them having so much, while others have so little. Yet the models they want to adopt to try and “fix” America, are the very models used in countries where these problems originated and continue to exist! (Else why would others want to come to this country?)

They are really conformist, in the deepest sense of the word. And they are conforming to standards that create the problems they so dislike.

Studies have shown that traditional think-tank efforts (group-think) are non-productive. It is individual ideas and contributions that drive team efforts, and it is the contribution of the individual to the team, and not the team to the individual, that solves problems, win football games, etc.

With this individualism, the smartest are freed up to use their ability to contribute to the team. In the group-think, sorrow for the least capable replaces ability, and brings the whole team down to the lowest level. It is frustrating to the able and motivated, and robs the team of victory. Feeling good about how much you care, replaces the concept of wholeness, victory, health, and prosperity. In other words, feeling good about how much you care, replaces really caring.

Tell me: How would you feel, how motivated would you be, and how prosperous do you think our country will be, if someone put their foot on your neck and said, “If you make more, we’re gonna take it away from you.”

Welcome to Socialism. You’re new to the class? A progressive idea? Oh, no, it’s been around for eons. And even if you think you are, you are not the ones you’ve been waiting for – the ones who will “fix” it. When Socialism is the only game in town, you will play by the rules, or you will be brought before a firing squad. (Maybe even if you play by the rules.) It has never been, nor will it ever be, any other way.


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