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February 14, 2016

But I Get To Keep The Ferrari, Right?

Picture this.


CLOSE ON: Steering column. Hands hot-wiring a car.

CUT TO: Man drives off in a red Ferrari.

CUT TO: Driver looking in rearview mirror. Cop behind him, flashing lights and siren blaring.

CUT TO: Ferrari thief up against car with handcuffs on.


I’m just wondering: If he pays a fine and pays taxes on the Ferrari, does he get to keep it? Happy Valentine’s Day indeed!

American citizenship is the coveted Ferrari of the world. From 1986 to 2000, over 4.7 million illegals received amnesty. Now there are an estimated 11-16 million more who have entered this country illegally. The signal we keep sending is: If you can steal it, and lay low long enough, you get to keep it.

For this reason alone, Trump’s support base is huge. Most could care less if the word-police don’t like his occasional profanity. The media word-police don’t seem to be bothered much when the Left uses it. Oh, but now it’s not presidential! They didn’t seem to mind much when Bill Clinton was banging an intern in the Ovary Office. In fact, they defended him. Real journalistic objectivity. Real presidential.

Let’s be completely honest: If you were lost in the desert, dying of thirst, and you saw a man with a bottle of water in his hands, and profanities spewing out of his mouth, you wouldn’t even hear the profanities. Sailor, truck driver, or Evangelical – all you would see is the water!

These little games the Leftist media play aren’t working anymore. We realize they don’t give a sh*t about the things they are pretending to suddenly care about. They are just using things they think we believe in an attempt to manipulate us. The jig is up. You are not controlling us anymore. F.U., and I don’t mean Fayetteville University.

If breaking the law eventually gets one the same results as keeping it, then why would anyone immigrate legally? Doesn’t seem like an act of love to me. But then again, the Left has tried to paint everything they do and support as “an act of love” – actions sicker, more destructive, and more despicable than any curse word could ever be.


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