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The establishment is once again trying to choose our candidate for us.

February 21, 2016

The Boy Who Would Be King

We now have a five man race in the Republican Primaries. Ben Carson will probably be dropping out soon, and I had always assumed his votes would go to Cruz. However, after the Iowa incident between the Cruz and Carson campaigns, it is more likely Carson’s votes will go to Trump.

The establishment is still hoping that John Kasich will pick up steam, and repeat his New Hampshire performance. Jeb dropping out will probably give Kasich a few more votes. But outside of a miracle, the Republican establishment will eventually have to settle on Rubio as their last-chance alternative to insurgents Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, hoping that all of Kasich’s votes will go to Rubio when Kasich drops out of the race.

“Ay, there’s the rub. For in that sleep, what dreams may come.”

Yes, Marco Rubio may be a conservative, but that’s not the whole story. Rubio has a problem, and the problem he has is the people he has around him. He doesn’t make a decision without them, and without them, he probably can’t make a decision. It’s not about his ideology, his experience, or his lack of experience. It’s about his influences and his own fortitude.

Rubio doesn’t have the fortitude to do anything on his own – including to refuse citizenship to 11 to 16 million new Democrat voters. So a Rubio presidency will seal the end of the Republican Party and fulfill Barack Obama’s dream of a “transformed America.” American history will be: America IS history.

Cruz has done in the House what he promised the voters of Texas he would do. Cruz would be a good vice-president or a great Supreme Court Justice. But I don’t think he’ll deport illegals, or as Hillary paints it – go into houses in the middle of the night and drag women and children... hum? Couldn’t it just be done in the daytime, and by due-process? Of course that’s how it will be done, but Hillary’s depiction is so much better for her upcoming television series, Tales of Really Mean Republicans: SVU.

Trump hasn’t deported anyone yet, but he’s right on track to deport two Cubans from the presidential campaign.

Unless Kasich does really well and really soon, I’m betting he’s out, and the RNC will put all of their influence (including dirty tricks) into trying to crown Tutankhamen. But the Republican establishment better consider the fact that WE THE PEOPLE are so fed up with their shenanigans, that even dedicated Cruz supporters would switch to Trump to stop them from choosing our candidate for us.


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