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Trump is the only candidate that has proven he knows how to do more than just talk.

February 27, 2016

Commonsense Founders And Nonsense Flounders

With all the talk going on in the Republican Primaries about who is a “true” conservative, and references to the ideology of our founding fathers, here is some of what I know about their “ideology.”

1) They were suffering multiple abuses at the hands of their government.

2) The government was taking their stuff away.

3) They tried to work things out with their government.

When their government refused to represent them?

4) They kicked out their government (and in their case, they had to use guns to get ‘er done.)

Doesn’t sound so ideological to me. And even after the Revolution, the document they crafted to try and keep those abuses of government from happening again were quite common sense and practical as well.

Common sense (as opposed to political correctness) is the reason why Donald Trump is absolutely dominate, not only in the polls, but in his primary wins. But listening to the call-ins on a local talk-radio program a few days ago, you’d think that Donald Trump was the least popular guy in the whole world, or that he’d had to pay for all those votes and positive polls.

But Unlike Jeb!, who paid $1,200 per vote in New Hampshire, Billionaire Donald Trump doesn’t need to buy an election, because his supporters share his views. (You might want to keep that in mind, Mr. Sanders. You too, Mr. Romney.)

But caller after caller on the talk-radio program said the typical stuff:

“Donald Trump isn’t a conservative.”

“Donald Trump is in it for himself.”

“Donald Trump isn’t so successful in business.” (The caller sounded like he hadn’t made $4 in his whole life, let alone $4 billion).

Please tell me this: If so many people disagree with Donald Trump, then where in the world is he getting all the votes?

And another thing I keep hearing:

“All his supporters are hayseeds.”

Well, being a hayseed myself, I at least have some common sense. Hayseeds can feed themselves, without the government’s help, even in spite of the government. Bernie’s kids couldn’t feed themselves at an all-you-can-eat buffet. (At least Hillary’s kids know how to steal food!)

Is it only losers who hate winners, that call into talk shows? Sorry for your loss.

Is the Democrat or Republican Party paying these people to troll? Sorry, it isn’t working.

Maybe leaders of governments like Mexico and China who are taking advantage of the USA would like to call in? If I were them, I’d be worried too, because one way or another, they’re going to pay for the wall and currency manipulation. That is, if Donald Trump is president. (Trust me, there’s no hit out on Rubio from Mexico or China.)

Are Trump supporters silent? If that is true, then the polls are vastly understated, and that should send chills through the Republican establishment as well as through the already frigid soul of Hillary Clinton.

Trump may act nonsensical on stage sometimes, but stopping illegal immigration by building a wall, deporting illegals, making them get in line, and readmitting on a case by case basis (legal immigration), ending the anchor baby situation, repealing ObamaCare, keeping Iran from building nuclear weapons, protecting the 2nd amendment, defending religious freedom, fixing our broken tax system, abolishing the IRS – this is all common sense! And Trump is the only one that has even said he’ll do all of the above. And he is the only candidate that has proven he knows how to do more than just talk.


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