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February 29, 2016

Make America A Hole Again

The latest from Hillary Clinton this week, “Despite what you hear, we don’t need to make America great again — America hasn’t stopped being great.”

Well, except for the few things that liberals still hate about America, which is according to them is everything about America. Hillary is preparing to do battle with the only Republican nominee that can clean her clock in the general election – Donald Trump. So she is actively going after Trump’s idea of Making America Great Again.

Hillary understands something that Marco Rubio doesn’t: We are not in love with Trump, per se, but are embracing him because he has embraced our dream of making America great again. A dream that we had almost given up on. (That’s why, Marco, you can’t discredit Trump with childish insults. You just end up looking like... a child. With big ears.)

So Hillary – like any entity that fears truth and knows she can’t fight it – has come up with the next best thing – a counterfeit; a counter-slogan, saying, “But we do need to make America whole again.”

Ah, yes. Her new slogan is pregnant with all the pith her liberal ilk love so much – the idea of a special victims unit, which all liberals are either a part of, or guilt ridden about.

But as I’ve said before, government cannot define wholeness, has no place in defining wholeness, nor could it actually make anyone whole, should it ever be capable of defining it. (And Hillary’s slogan is bull hockey anyway, because the whole liberal system is built on keeping people in a state of unwholeness to maintain political power. Unwholeness is big business.)

Government’s place is to protect liberty, paradoxically being itself the chief culprit in destroying liberty when it tries to do the things HBO (Hillary, Bernie, and Obama) and their followers want it to do.

Hillary has also joined the pope (in Catholic guilt, yet again) in saying, “Instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barriers.”

OK, Hill, if that is the case, then I have some ideas on which barriers I’d like to tear down. But first, let’s start with some I’d like to build.

1) I’d like to build a wall that protects the people on the inside from Mexican drug dealers, and I’d like it to be ten feet taller than previously suggested.

2) I’d like to build higher walls around prisons, that protect people on the outside from the dangerous people on the inside.

Now, to the barriers, Hillary:

1) Let’s tear down the barriers around the Vatican? and the White House?

OK, just being facetious about those. But I’m serious about this one:

Let’s tear down the barriers around the Washington elites – you being chief.

Let’s tear down the ones around your money, prestige, and power.

Since you are such a dedicated public servant, perhaps you’d be willing to give up your money and power and prestige, and join us “little people” (the ones you say you serve) in our unemployment or even poverty?

Come on Hill? Give it all up. The $, the power, the stuff. All of it.

Dint’ think so.

I have a much better chance of joining Trump as a billionaire, than the little chance there is of you giving up your stuff and joining me. And I’d rather share in winning and success than in misery. So I’m voting for Trump.

My dislike for Hillary Clinton is not personal. It is for her ilk. If you want to know who the poor dupes are, Bernie, read stories of those who went through the Bolshevik revolution, and what happened to those democratic supporters after the socialists came into power; read how they were invited to meetings to work out the details of the new socialist republic, and were met with a surprise party – firing squads; and how anyone who had even associated with the previous regime was hunted down and shot.

This is a little after your Pete Seeger days, Bernie, but I’m sure you and Hillary will remember what Frank Zappa said in the 60’s (sarcastically and prophetically), “It can’t happen here.” Democrat voters obviously don’t believe it can.


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