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March 1, 2016

Protestors Just Wanna Have Fun

I attended a Trump rally in Columbus, Ohio today, and I have to say, it was a lot of fun. The Donald talked about how easy it was to speak, even in front of so many people, because there was so much love in the room. Even after a group of protestors were tossed out, he said, “We love the protestors, too.” But now to the fun-est part.

Before Mr. Trump came out to speak, the announcer said that this was a private event, and if anyone wanted to protest, there was a place outside reserved for people to exercise their right to peacefully protest. During Mr. Trump’s speech, several kids started yelling, “Dump Trump,” and they were promptly escorted out of the building.

The media usually only broadcasts Trump saying, “Get ’em outta here. Get ’em outta here.” And of course, that’s the only time the media shows Trump’s crowds. I guess that’s to cover for them not showing Hillary’s “crowds.”

I watched the protesters as they left the building and noticed they were just kids, around 17 or so. I leaned to the lady standing next to me and said, “They must not have gotten enough attention when they were little.”

I left within the next few minutes because I had to be somewhere. When I got on the small shuttle to go back to the parking lot, the protestors were also onboard. I smiled at them and walked back and sat in the seat directly in front of them. They were laughing and giggling. Most were black. One girl had Muslim head garb on. They were polite. By no means did they look oppressed. They all looked and sounded rather preppie – like they were from middle or upper-class families. I couldn’t help but start singing in my mind, à la Cyndi Lauper, “Kids just wanna have fun. Ohhh, kids just wanna have fun.”

It became abundantly clear that these were indeed a bunch of bored kids, maybe looking for a cause, but really, just wanting to get some attention.

There were two members of our local media on the shuttle. One of the media asked the group if they’d like to be interviewed, which they were very happy about. The cameraman and interviewer were waiting in the parking lot. As the kids exited the bus, one of the boys said to the media guy, “Thanks for supporting the cause.” I had to laugh inside.

I didn’t stay to hear the interview, but I assumed it would be the usually rote dribble about inequality, racism, etc. And I was sure that if none of Trump’s speech made it to the news that night, that this interview would. But when I saw the interview, I was shocked.

The girl with Muslim headgear on identified herself to the reporter as a “Black, Muslim, woman...” She enunciated all three victim badges proudly. They all said they would be turning voting age this year, which confirmed my estimation of their age. Then they said they were called racial slurs in the rally, which I find extremely doubtful. At this point in the interview, one bystander yelled, “Not true!” to which the “protestors” yelled, “Shut up! Diversity makes America.”

How refreshing. Artificial preppie victims with robo-slogans. Doesn’t get any diverse-r than this!

The group said they didn’t come to protest, and had just come to see what Trump had to say, but became so upset at one point that they finally had to speak out.

Again, I was there. Trump was pretty docile at this event. But I know what Trump said that upset them so, because I heard them talking about it on the shuttle. Here is what Trump said in context. See if you can guess which part upset the little dears:

“You gotta get people to somehow work together. Our country is so unbelievably divided. It’s divided politically. It’s divided among white and black. It’s divided in so many ways. We’re gonna bring our country together, folks. We have to bring it together. And people don’t know that about me. I bring people together. When I say that, sometimes I get a snicker from the wise guys in the press. It can’t get worse than it is right now. You have African-American youth, 59% unemployment. You have African-Americans in their prime, just so badly treated in terms of unemployment. Were’ gonna bring this country of ours, were gonna bring it together. You know our theme is, Make American Great Again. Right? Well, honestly, we want to make it great for everybody. We want to make it great for everybody. And we’re gonna do it. We’re gonna bring it together.”

Did you guess? It was when he said “You have African American youth, 59% unemployment. You have African Americans in their prime, just so badly treated in terms of unemployment.”

That’s what teed them off! You probably guessed it, but like me, you can’t figure out why it teed them off so much. Perhaps it’s because Obama was the one responsible for this unemployment? Or maybe because these kids didn’t look like they’d ever worked a day in their lives. Not sure why, but this is what teed them off. Maybe I need diversity training before I can “feel their pain.”

Kids, I know you want to be relevant, and to feel important, and to be part of a “cause.” But remember, people around you are paying attention to you, and do hear and observe you. When you just go along with the crowd, you hurt yourself, your cause, your credibility, and even stir up a little division at the same time.

Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, other’s didn’t take you too seriously either. Lions, and Tigers, and Protestors. Oh My!


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