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We gave the wheel to government, then fell asleep.

March 9, 2016

Who To Stop?

Up until now, the Republican establishment has run their show in secrecy. But now, they are operating in the full daylight of the opposition of the people, with many of the Rubio/Kasich voters being complicit. They know Marco Rubio and John Kasich don’t stand a chance of winning the primary, so they are continuing to finance/support their campaigns simply as a “stop-Trump” strategy.

If Rubio and Kasich stay in, they have a chance of keeping Trump or Cruz from reaching the nomination threshold, and at that point the establishment could nominate their own candidate at the convention. But this would spell a revolution, a “10 million person walk” to Cleveland in July, and an end to the Republican Party, at least as we know it.

But what if Rubio/Kasich were to drop out?

Rubio is a failed candidate. Everyone knows he is just a kid who doesn’t show up for work, and when he does, simply does his establishment masters’ biddings. His campaign is over, and if he loses Florida, his career may be over as well. He has already said that if he fails at this bid, he is going back to the private sector.

Kasich is a decent governor, but liberals are taking over his state (and his mind) inch by inch, no matter how good of a job he does. So a President Kasich will, at best, only delay an inevitable takeover by the Left of the federal government. I think he just wants to stay in the race to prove he can beat Trump in Ohio because we Ohioans love him so much. Hum?

If the Rubio/Kasich votes are stop-Trump votes, and they drop out, then those votes would go to Cruz. And the establishment doesn’t want that. But there is a good chance that many of their votes could go to Trump. And they really don’t want that.

If the establishment can’t get either Rubio or Kasich the nomination, they would prefer Cruz over Trump, because they think they can control Cruz. How? The same way they did in the House. Just let him talk. This Senate and House that never lifted a finger to stop Obama, will suddenly “embrace” the constitution for one purpose only – to stop Ted. Not to stop him from talking, but to stop him from doing anything.

Trump will do the things necessary to stop our country’s demise and to move it forward. America, it’s our own fault that we are in the shape we’re in, because we gave the wheel to government, and then fell asleep. It’s going to be a long road to get the wheel back again. Or then again, maybe it will be quicker than we think, considering that we’ve had people in Washington that for many years have been actively working against us.

But WE THE PEOPLE have to stay actively involved. And let’s hope it’s not too late. Because if Hillary, Bernie, Marco, or Kasich become president, we’ll never get the wheel back.


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