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March 11, 2016

No More Debates

Several days ago, I had planned to write an article on why there should be no more debates. But after listening to Dr. Ben Carson endorse Donald Trump this morning, and listening to the things they had to say, there is no need. Go watch it (I’ll wait), and you’ll understand what I am taking about.

Let’s keep this short. Sweet. Simple.

Mr. Rubio. Get out now. We need you in the House. No more skipping class, or campaigning, or telling your supporters in Ohio to vote for Kasich to stop-Trump.

Mr. Kasich. If you truly want a “new day for America,” be presidential and get out now. You are flaunting your own ego and ignoring the will of the people just so you can gratify yourself with an Ohio win to feel like you are still relevant. And, you just might lose. We don’t need our Governor with any more egg on his face. You are right – you have done a lot for your country and for your state. You are still the Governor of the great State of Ohio. While you are campaigning, the Left is eating your state.

Mr. Cruz. I know you can’t get out. I understand. Too many of your followers (especially in KS, OK, TX, and GB [the state of Glenn Beck]) think you are the anointed one. But we need you in Washington to filibuster the next round of the Left’s insanity. And we really need someone like you on the Supreme Court.

Republican Establishment. Stop! You are endangering the future of the party and the future of the most wonderful nation on the face of this earth – The United States of America.

I realize the fat lady hasn’t sung yet, but the smart guys have. What else is there to debate about. Let’s let them get to work defeating Hillary and restoring our great nation.


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