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March 13, 2016

Everything You Need To Know

The fact that Donald Trump is doing so well, in spite of opposition from the Democrat side (and their media) and a concerted opposition from his own party as well, should tell you something. But last night’s Washington D.C. vote should tell you everything you need to know about this election.

Marco Rubio – 38%
John Kasich – 36%
Donald Trump – 14%
Ted Cruz – 13%

This wasn’t too difficult to prognosticate. If I was a betting man yesterday, I’d be a rich man today. But compare this to the number of top four rankings by each candidate in the previous primaries.

How these candidates rank among the people make it obvious that beneath the surface of the Stop-Trump vote is the Stop-the-People vote of Washington D.C. It also shows exactly how little they the elite have in common with WE THE PEOPLE. Those who really care about this country have joined the Stop-the-Washington Elite movement.

In yet another example of upside-down D.C./PC fashion, the media, Leftist politicians, and Stop-Trump Republicans have blamed the recent outbreak of violence at Trump rallies on Trump instead of the protestors. In true Leftist fashion, the perpetrators have become the victims.

Even President Obama has thrown in his two cents, condemning Trump instead of the protestors. Instead of condemning the violence, he blames those who were the object of it.

If you don’t want to blame these paid-protestors, then perhaps you should blame the ones who sent them and paid them? But that no longer happens in our country and world, and this is exactly why Trump is doing so well – people are just sick and tired of political extortion, because they can see where it has led us, and even worse, where it is going if we don’t stop it now!


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