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God and the New York Times are moving the planets to make John Kasich president.

March 15, 2016

You Only Vote Twice

The scenario at the voting station went something like this:

POLL WORKER: Can I have your name please?

VOTER: The name is Bond. James Bond. Or James Herbert Bond. Or Jimmy Bond. Or Jim Bond.

POLL WORKER: Well, which is it?

VOTER: What would you like it to be, sweetheart?

POLL WORKER: Could I just have some I.D., please?

VOTER: Hope you don’t need anything with a picture. I’m sort of... ah, on Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

POLL WORKER: Do you have a utility bill?

VOTER: Why, yes, I do. Right here. Well, it’s the MI-6 utility bill, but that’s where I reside between assignments. Trust me. Tell me, how do you know this isn’t Q’s utility bill?

In Ohio, agent K-6 (aka, Kay-sick) is convinced that God (and the New York Times) is moving the planets to make him President. (That would be a miracle indeed, John.) Humbling experience, right? But what is really going on in Ohio is a subtle form of voter suppression, or at least voter manipulation, as the Republican establishment and 2-time loser 002 (aka, Mitt Romney) encourage Rubio voters and Democrats to vote for John Kasich.

That’s fine if they want to do that, but since this really is a 2 man race – Trump and Cruz – would it be OK with you if Cruz supporters voted for Trump, just for today, so John Kasich could honor his promise to drop out of the race if he loses Ohio? Then we could finally get down to deciding whether it will be Trump or Cruz representing us in the fight against Hillary.

Disruptive and violent protesting is a far greater form of voter suppression than voter ID requirements. And if I were a Bernie supporter, I’d be protesting at Hillary rallies instead of Trump rallies. Because no matter how you vote, Hillary will still be the nominee, thanks to Debbie Was-a-man Shitz, and the rigged system of Super-delegates in the Democrat Party.

If god (that’s with a small “g” – see “two” Corinthians 4:4) does manage to make Kasich the nominee, I probably will vote for Hillary. Not out of anger, frustration, or revenge. But because since there is not much difference in Kasich’s and Hillary’s policies, there is a better chance I can bribe kleptocrat Hillary into halting illegal immigration. Kasich is much too humble and holy to accept a bribe.


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