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Trump supporters aren't trying to punish anyone. That's the Left's gig.

March 17, 2016

Making America Great Again

I remember in the 60’s when my brother and sister each got matching transistor radios for Christmas. They were fascinating, tiny little things (by the standards of those days) that could fit right in your pocket. They were a beautiful powder-blue, and there was a big “Made in Japan” sticker on the back.

Instead of opining the drop of the atomic bomb that had just occurred less than 20 years earlier, and had killed close to one-quarter of a million of their people, the Japanese had learned the first lesson any capitalist learns: You make your own life better by making others’ lives better; that, and play nice with the other children, or you get your ass blown up.

Ideology is nice till you come face to face with reality; with the practical. And if you don’t face it, all you have left is your ideology, and at the time of this writing, that, and a dollar, will get you a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

If you ask Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton the question, “What Makes America Great?” in public, you’d get the typical pro-American response: freedom, equality, opportunity, etc. But in private their answer would be a simple, “It’s not.” (Hillary might be thinking it’s a great place for politicians to get rich.) Yet the type of government they are trying to transform our government into, is the type of government immigrants are fleeing! And stranger yet – many of today’s immigrants bring with them, and still practice, the ideology they fled.

But I do remember when America was great. We were number one in the world in education. We had no school funding problems. Our neighborhoods were safe. Our military was feared and respected. Immigrants were proud to be Americans (with or without a hyphen), no matter what their ethnicity or race, and they felt much safer and much more optimistic than they did in their old countries.

We felt privileged to live in the USA; to enjoy the freedoms afforded us by the unselfish people that went before us and paid for those freedoms, many with their lives. Whatever failings and injustices there have been in this country, we all still had the best shot of any country on earth to claim and enjoy those freedoms.

Those of us who remember how great America was, still believe in our hearts that it can be even better. We’ve watch it become crippled and weak and divided over the years, as liberal policies have prevailed, and as political-correctness has tried to muzzle us and prevent us from addressing the problems. And we hurt for those who have been hurt the most by these policies, even though these same people seem to be the ones that accept these policies and keep voting for them, year after year. But without a doubt, no one will have a shot in America the way it’s going, except politicians.

I have long denounced the resentment and revenge tactics of the Obama Administration. It is an endless game that didn’t benefit the Hayfields and McCoys, and it won’t benefit our country. I don’t believe Trump supporters want to punish anyone – not even the Republicans, who promised if we voters gave them the House and the Senate, they would change things. We just want to make America great again – for our families, our children, and our grandchildren. We’d like them to at least have it as good as we did, and be able to build on that. Not tear it down.


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