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Brussels is what happens when liberals want violent people to like them.

March 22, 2016

As If It Never Happened

The five stages to grief are commonly known as: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. European liberals seem to be stuck on the first stage.

Europe’s leaders continue to think that they must have done something wrong for Islamic terrorists to hate them so much. So instead of closing their borders, they keep letting these people in, thinking they’ll finally like them. But if that were true, Europe would be seeing less violence, not more.

So yes, many people of Europe and the USA are angry. But more importantly, they are resolute that there will be no bargaining in, depression from, or acceptance of, these atrocities. And as their leaders continue to act as if these atrocities have never happened, they make the people even angrier and more resolute.

Thus, the rise of Trump and other commonsense leaders. People thinking we are nice, is far less important than our lives!

For the sake of their own ideology, Obama, Merkel, and other world elites have proven they think the people are expendable. Maybe they have even succumbed to acceptance that terrorism is the price of “democracy.” But if these leaders or their families were ever directly affected by this violence, they wouldn’t be so ideological.

Whatever the case, the insanity of these leaders continues to be the ruling force in the world, and the majority has finally had enough.

The ugliness of the elite can no longer hide and manipulate from the shadows. They’ve been forced into full view, to protect “their” domain. They will never accept, and they will only bargain if it means they can stay in power.

Hopefully the people have also reached the point that they will no longer bargain or accept either, and will take their country back.

This is what we mean when we say we want to make America great again. This is a unique time in our history.


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