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Utah’s Mormons find sexy pictures of Trump’s wife more offensive then Brussels' suicide-murderers.

March 23, 2016

One Bad Apple?

In a predictable, almost mirror-like vote of Washington D.C.’s Republican primary earlier this month, Brigham Romney led his people to the promised land in last night’s Utah caucuses.

With numbers similar to Utah’s 63% Mormon population, the Mormon Church handed Ted Cruz most of his 69% of the vote. John Kasich came in 3rd behind Marco Rubio, who had already left the race. Trump (who has won 1st in 21 states, compared to Ted’s 10 number ones, and Kasich’s 1 number one) came in last. I guess the Mormons were pissed because Trump wasn’t married to his 3 wives at the same time.

I’m not blasting Mormons. The majority of Mormons I’ve known over the years are really nice people. But, like most groups, they tend to act in stereotypical fashion.

For instance: protests against the Charlie Hebdo cartoons drew hundreds of thousands of Muslim protesters around the world, while “Muslims Against Muslim Violence” protests have drawn from 25 to 30. (That’s not 25 to 30 thousand. That’s 25 to 30, as in, “My granddaughter can count to 25 or 30.”) Hum? I wonder how many people a “Fergusons Against Ferguson Violence” protest would draw?

I thought the Mormon voters might have had a change of heart when three of their own missionaries were injured in the Brussels’ attack. But Trump winning Utah was about as likely as finding Joseph Smith’s golden plates. And apparently, Utah’s Mormons find sexy pictures of Trump’s wife, Melania, much more offensive then Islamic suicide-murderers.

It’s hard to say if Mormons think Ted Cruz is the anointed one (because of Glenn Beck, a Mormon), or if they think Donald Trump is the anti-Moroni (because of Mitt Romney, also a Moron). But the net effect is the same. The leaders spoke. The congregation moved. In Iran the leaders are speaking, too. And their congregation is on the move.


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