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The establishment is playing the candidates against each other to defeat the insurgency.

March 25, 2016

Hypnotizing Ted

Have you ever seen those neighborhood street signs that read Slow Children? Well, there must be one on my block, because sometimes, I am just really slow.

I was thinking tonight about something a very smart neurosurgeon said. He said one of the reasons he has endorsed Donald Trump is to prevent a contested convention. And it hit me, just what the establishment is really trying to accomplish by their faux support of Ted Cruz.

Of course they want to stop Trump from getting the 1237 delegates needed to win the nomination. But there’s another level that I hadn’t considered.

You see, Trump and Ted are the two outsiders. The insurgents. The establishment hates them both. As of today, John Kasich needs to win more delegates than are left – 116%. So Kasich cannot win the 1237. Then why is he still in the race? You figure it out. But someone is still willing to throw their money behind him, and there has to be a reason.

Ted Cruz has won 35% of the delegates so far, but needs to win 83% of all remaining delegates to win the nomination. And the percentage he needs has been trending upward, not down.

To put things in perspective: Bernie Sanders has won 37% of the delegates so far, and needs to win 67% of all remaining delegates and uncommitted super delegates to win the nomination. Meaning, he is doing better than Ted!

Trump has won 55% so far, and needs to win 53% of the remaining delegates to win.

So here is where it gets interesting. If Ted gets to the point where he saw it was a mathematical impossibility for him to get 1237 delegates, I would like to think that, as an insurgent, he would throw his support behind Trump to prevent the contested convention that the establishment wants. But now that the establishment is “getting behind” Ted, this may not happen.

Here is why (close your eyes, and count backwards from 5):

5) Super PAC surrogates are attacking Trump’s wife. They know Trump has said that when he’s hit, he hits back. So this may be Donald’s strength, but also his weakness. Ted’s weakness is his wife, understandably so. So the Super PACs are playing them against each other. Think about it.

4) By “endorsing” Ted, the establishment is signaling to him that if he stays in the race, he has a shot in a contested convention.

3) The conservative ideologues are shouting, “Stay in, Ted, you are the anointed. You will prevail. And if you don’t, I’ll vote for Hillary.”

2) The Mitt Romneys are shouting, “Vote for Kasich in Ohio, Cruz in Utah.”

1) The Lindsey Grahams are shouting, “I endorse Cruz. But there are better candidates.”

Now it’s all up to Ted Cruz to fall into their hypnotic trance and let it play out. They’ll do the dirty work, and he’ll be clean Ted.

But Trump and Ted are leading for a reason. The reason is WE THE PEOPLE. And we, and they, are once again being played by the same establishment scum.

If Trump and Ted give up the power of this insurgency, they are giving up the best cards in their hand to defeat the establishment, and win this game.

No poker-face about it. The future of our country, and our very lives, depend upon this hand.


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