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You’d better stop thinking about your candidate, and start thinking about the other candidate – Hillary Clinton, or as the book title says, “Adios America.”

April 2, 2016

Partisan and Ecumenical Bickering

Many years ago I was driving on a back road in Ohio and came across the following sign in front of a church: 5th Reformed Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod.

I’ve never forgotten that sign, and have pondered it many times since. It wasn’t just a Christian church, it was a Lutheran church. And it wasn’t just a Lutheran church, it was a reformed Lutheran church. And it wasn’t just a reformed Lutheran church, nor the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, but the 5th Reformed Lutheran Church.

(Oh, God, I’m running out of breath!)

And if that wasn’t enough already to let us know that they were different from all those other Christians or Lutherans, it wasn’t just the 5th Reformed Lutheran Church, but it was the Missouri Synod! I mean, they wouldn’t want people to get them confused with that despicable Kansas Synod!

I understand that sometimes people’s beliefs and cultures become so divergent that they need to split, just to keep the peace. That was the idea when Lutherans broke from the Catholic church during the Protestant Reformation. But it just seems to me that some people can’t get along with anyone, in religion or politics.

It is interesting to me how united people can be when they have a common enemy. Last year, the only thing certain talk-radio hosts could talk about was stopping Obama, and stopping his third term – Hillary Clinton. Now the only thing they can talk about is stopping Donald Trump, even if it means Hillary winning.

I am a Trump supporter. I believe he is the best candidate to do the job, and the only one that can beat Hillary Clinton. But I, and most people I know, will support either of the insurgent candidates should they win the nomination. Unfortunately, many out there seem intent on making sure neither of them wins. How does something like this happen? Do they really not understand how important this election is, and just how petty these differences are?

Much of this division has been festered by the pharisaic nature of certain self-righteous talk-show zealots, who focus on counting their seeds of cumin, one seed at a time, while ignoring the big picture. And while they have accused Donald Trump of being “in it for himself,” they have made it quite clear just who is in it for themselves.

A message to the talk-show hosts and the die-hard voters: I’ve heard all your arguments. I understand how “principled” you think you are. But you’d better stop thinking about your candidate, and start thinking about the other candidate – Hillary Clinton, or as the book title says, “Adios America.”

As for me, I’m joining the First Church of Save America. I hear they have better things to discuss than, How many Trumps can dance on the head of a Cruz?


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