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Trump is not a politician. Nor is he THE last trump. But he is very likely our country's last shot.

April 7, 2016

Bonzo for President

As I study this ongoing presidential campaign, I’m seeing three types of candidates, pundits, and voters emerge. No, they are not wolves, sheep dogs, and sheep, though that wouldn’t be too far off, if you categorize the pundits as wolves.

First type:

1) Those who are in denial about how desperate our country’s situation is (or possibly, they misassess which issues are critical).

For the most part, this is John Kasich (and Paul Ryan), his pundits, and his people. The “can’t we all just get along” people. The “this election is too crazy” people. Perhaps Kasich’s campaign slogan should be, “Vote for me. I’ll screw things up less than the other two guys.” Sort of like the mobile phone company slogan, “Not as rubbish as we used to be.”

“Award winning journalist” Tom Brokaw would fall into this category of pundit. For the last several years, he has “phoned in” his twenty second An American Story spots; most of them focused on letting us know how great he is: “I was having coffee the other day with Bill Gates,” or “Warren Buffet and I were talking.” For the last year he’s been focused on letting us know how horrible Donald Trump is. The fact that Brokaw actually gets paid for this tripe is testimony to the fact that the greatest generation is indeed dead and gone.

Brokaw’s most recent blurb is extolling the journalistic capabilities of Megyn Kelly. Megyn even made the front cover of Vanity Fair and Variety. Of course these people don’t like Megyn Kelly anymore than they like Ted Cruz, but are just using her in the same manner they are using Cruz – as an underhanded swipe at Donald Trump.

On to the second type:

2) Those who agree with and have adopted Trump’s platform, but want a Theocracy government. Certain nut-job talk-show hosts, self-important clergy, and die-hard voters would fall into this category.

I’m actually shocked at just how dishonest this group is. I guess they think that since the Qur’an permits Muslims to lie in pursuit of Jihad, that it is also acceptable to lie in the name of God and His son Jesus Christ in order to achieve political goals. How holy.

In general, this group has a “Church Lady” hypocritical, self-righteousness about themselves and their candidate. They would rather have a candidate that has borrowed all his positions from Donald Trump, than have a Donald Trump who has been married three times, and has repeated a curse word.

I realize my characterization of this group is not going to change them, and in fact might get me crucified. But as a Christian, I just want to make it clear that I have nothing against Christians or people named Ted. Just dishonest ones.

And the third type:

3) Those who realize we are in really deep doo-doo. Those who realize this is a last stand for this country’s freedom and survival.

These are Trump supporters (some “normal,” some not), non die-hard Cruz supporters who will support the eventual nominee, and some Kasich supporters, who aren’t anti-Trump, but who honestly think John’s past accomplishments in government will save the day. But the last great president we had who saved the day was an actor who starred in the movie, Bedtime for Bonzo. Maybe you should go back and read what the pundits, and even the heads of his own party, had to say about him. It wasn’t too flattering. As a matter of fact, it sounds amazingly similar to what is being said about Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz has a wonderful knowledge of the Constitution. He has adopted Donald Trumps’ policies, and is also learning how to play the political game much more quickly than Trump. But he will never have the business acumen of Donald Trump. And many of us have been waiting a long, long time for a common sense, skilled businessman like Trump to help our country.

Maybe like me, you’ve had far more failures in your life than successes. Trump has obviously had far more successes than failures. Trump is not a politician. Nor is he the biblical, last trump. But he is very likely our country’s last shot.


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