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We have given professional politicians chance after chance, and they have NEVER delivered. Why would they start now?

April 20, 2016

The Shark v. The Crook

As of this morning, businessman Donald Trump only needs 58% of the remaining delegates to win the Republican nomination. Senator Ted Cruz needs 101% of the remaining delegates – a mathematical impossibility. Governor John Kasich needs 162% of the remaining delegates – also a mathematical impossibility. (Senator Marco Rubio, who dropped out of the race last month, still has more delegates than Kasich!) So it is not only possible, but now quite probable, that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

On the Democrat side, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has 62% of the delegates. Senator Bernie Sanders has 38% of the delegates. With the Democrat’s rigged super-delegate system, Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee.

So unless there ends up being a contested Republican convention (which is looking more and more unlikely), and unless Hillary is indicted (in which case, the Democrats will pull Joe Biden out of the mothballs), the presidential race will be between a Shark and a Crook.

I’m a big fan of the TV show Shark Tank. Successful entrepreneurs invest in new entrepreneurs with potential for success. A win-win situation.

Shark Donald Trump has far more successes than failures. But then there’s the crook, Hillary Clinton – a person with far more failures than successes. A person who has made her living off of the political system, from lobbyists, off of the backs of the American taxpayer. And unlike Bernie – who is for the most part an honest guy – Hillary and her supporters approve of criminal behavior.

Crooked Hillary is not only a crooked person, but she is also an angry person. You can hear it in her voice. But she takes her own anger, and uses it as a surrogate for the anger of her constituency. It’s an old method-actor’s trick, and it is quite effective. Her anger looks real, because it is real. It’s just not the shared anger of her constituency. So even her anger is crooked.

But why is she angry? Hillary is angry that her life has been one failure after another. One snafu after another. One frustration after another. And her scapegoat? The people in America that have worked hard and have succeeded – in their businesses, in their personal lives, in their families, and in their marriages!

There is a lot of difference between a shark and a crook.

Crooks don’t bargain. They steal. Their very survival depends on their gain equaling the entire loss of the other party. They call it “their fair share.” But it is not theirs, and there is nothing fair about it. And there isn’t even much of a “share,” because the lion’s share goes to Hillary.

Sharks bargain. Yes, they can drive a hard bargain, but they only succeed if those they invest in succeed.

Some have asked what Trump supporters will do if Trump doesn’t deliver on his promise to close the borders, to improve the economy, decrease our national debt, and to end ObamaCare? It’s simple. We’ll kick his ass out in four years. But we are willing to give him that chance. One thing for sure. We have given professional politicians chance after chance, and they have never delivered. Why would they start now?


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