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Apparently, science can only be referred to as "an inconvenient truth" when it's politically convenient for the left.

April 22, 2016

Political Extortion

There was a very famous crucifixion carried out in the 1st century. You might have heard about it. It was plotted by certain religious leaders of the time, and executed by the government. Somehow these extremes, groups that truly hated each other, found mutual cause in the death of Jesus, the Christ.

One group didn’t want to lose their positions and incomes, and the followers that provided both. The other didn’t want political unrest and the heat they would take from Rome, because they would lose their... oh, same stuff as the other side, plus their heads.

And how did the people feel about this arrangement? They were stirred up by the religious leaders to demand the release of Barabbas, a person described as a “notorious prisoner.” He must have been quite a peach. And when Pilate asked the people what he should do with Jesus, the people shouted, “Crucify him!”

Ah, the benefits of unity. Everyone was finally getting along.

In our country there is a plethora of division and polarization, with such a variety of causes, that it’s hard to keep track of them all. But there is a convergence that I find very interesting, and that is the stop-Trump movement.

On one side, there are those who claim to get their marching orders from God. On the other side, there are those claim that “feelings” carry greater scientific weight than birth certificates and DNA. Apparently, science can only be referred to as “an inconvenient truth” when it’s politically convenient to do so.

Our country has become one of extremes – from the “never under any circumstances” group, to the “under every circumstance” group. No common sense or judgment. Just mantras and marching orders.

But the message is the same, and it is very clear: Shut up and acquiesce, or there will be hell to pay! Let me go to any toilet I “identify” with, or else. Bake me a gay cake, or else. If I decide to burn my neighborhood down, don’t you dare call in the National Guard, because that might be provocative and racist. Let people come into our country without going through the legal system, or else. Don’t you dare deport anyone who did come into this country illegally, or else.

And now it’s, don’t you dare vote for Donald Trump, or else! Even governments of other countries are sending shots across our bow. Did you hear about China’s new mega-nuclear missile? Why now? Don’t they want their secret weapons kept secret?

At some point, thanks to the media, we allowed ourselves to became nationalized. We stopped speaking out in our local communities and our state governments. We decided that what would help us “go along to get along” was more important and more comfortable than speaking out. And once we did that, we allowed a very small percentage of the country with an agenda, to use the media and the federal government to shove that agenda down our throats. But is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of... political extortion?

I just can’t believe that the majority of Americans are going to stand for these threats, not from our own countrymen, and definitely not from those outside of our country. To use a phrase coined by Obama – That’s just not who we are!

Metaphors only extend so far before they no longer illustrate the intended point. If you think I’m comparing Donald Trump to Jesus, or that Donald is a holy man, then you need to go read “Two” Corinthians. My metaphor is not about Trump. It is about the Right, the Left, and why they oppose Trump, and about how we are being extorted politically; about the things that need to be fixed immediately in this country, and the extent that others, including world leaders, will go to stop that.

Fixing the holes in this boat takes priority over rowing the boat, let alone, painting it. Trump can get this process started by focusing on the things that are top priority for this country. But if you think it will be smooth sailing from there, you’d better hold on. Cause the ride (and the extortion) is just beginning.


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