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If the right ever decides to stop financing the left, the left will be in really deep sh_t.

April 25, 2016

Acceptance Vs. Tolerance

Children develop the desire to speak when they discover that words are power – that words get them what they want. Sadly, people eventually learn that words can be played with and twisted to get what they want.

One of the problems with our society is that the words tolerance and acceptance have been twisted and played with to get a very small minority of people what they want, namely, to control the rest of us.

In a political sense, tolerance means that you disagree with the behavior, but you are willing to allow it for the sake of political harmony. Acceptance means that you agree with the behavior and embrace it.

Acceptance is rare in a free political system, because no two people are always in agreement on all subjects at all times.

Forcing people to agree with you is not a sustainable political system, because those persons convinced against their will still have the same views (though suppressed) and eventually will rise up against the oppressive system.

Getting rid of everyone who disagrees with you won’t work, because as previously stated, no two people are always in agreement on all subjects at all times. Once you’ve rid yourself of the opposition, a new opposition(s) will surface among yourselves, as molehill differences become mountains, and a new “enemy” is tagged. At this point, a new system “purge” takes place, ad infinitum.

This totalitarian cycle is OK with the political elite, until they end up on the short end of the political stick, as we have seen from communism (as historically practiced) and fascism (in theory and practice).

Today’s so-called progressives have become totalitarian, because tolerance is not enough for them. Acceptance is demanded. It’s all, or nothing at all. But acceptance cannot be demanded or forced, else it is no longer acceptance. But that is irrelevant to the Left due to their psychological obsession with absolute acceptance.

But let’s do some financial math: If ESPN, Deutsche Bank, and PayPal can threaten North Carolina financially in order to satisfy a minority over its transgender bathroom law, then why can’t North Carolina threaten ESPN, Deutsche Bank, and PayPal financially in order to satisfy the majority? These businesses need North Carolina consumers much more than North Carolina needs them.

But, even as ISIS counts on the passivity of Americans to destroy America, so the Left counts on the meekness/weakness of the right to hold them hostage.

Another question: How many LGBTs went to see the movie, God Is Not Dead? Next to none. So what is the net financial loss if LGBTs don’t go see that movie? Zero.

On the other hand, how many people from North Carolina have gone to see a Spielberg movie – a man who openly supports gay marriage and has contributed over one million dollars to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign?

The screenplay for Spielberg newest production was written by Tony Kushner, an openly gay man who is married to another man. Kushner also wrote Spielberg’s Lincoln – which incidentally, had little to do with Lincoln or slavery. That was just the worm. The hook was, “We freed the slaves 150 years ago. When you gonna accept Gay Marriage?” I’m always amazed at how Leftists can add two apples, and get one orange.

I like Spielberg’s movies, and I could care less what Tony Kushner does in his private life. I’m not a big fan of boycotts. I think they hurt everyone. But the Left has absolutely no problem with boycotts. And the reason this criminal and tyrannical minority has no problem with boycotts, is because they can count on the right not to retaliate.

The Left had no problem forcing the co-founder and CEO of Mozilla out of his own company because he made a $1000 contribution to a candidate that supported Californian’s Proposition 8 – a measure which banned gay marriage. (Which incidentally, passed overwhelmingly by California voters, but was struck down by an openly gay judge.) But did the people force Steven Spielberg out of anything when he made a $100,000 contribution supporting Proposition 8?

How can a handful of people continue to set the course for the majority? Because we on the right indirectly finance them. Combine that with activist judges and a tyrannical federal government, and they have everything they need to control the rest of us.

There is no need to shout, “I am tolerant. I am not racist. I am not a homophobe,” because the Left already knows you aren’t any of those things. They just keep pounding away at this to silence you and incapacitate you, so that they get what they want. They learned as children how to get what they want.

The upcoming election is a chance for the majority to stop the brats from running the daycare. But one thing is for sure: If the right ever decides to stop financing the Left, the Left will be in really deep sh*t.


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