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Most of us, including Trump supporters, believe it’s already too late for this country. But if there is even a chance, this is it.

May 5, 2016

Never, Always, and the Never-Trumpers

One of the reasons why Donald Trump is succeeding is because many Americans are sick and tired of the ALWAYS and NEVER crowds. “Never under any circumstance” and “Always, under every circumstance” is just not reasonable.

Our system of government wasn’t set up for one person or group to always get everything they want, and then force it down everyone else’s throat. It was set up to balance power to limit government so that the people can solve their problems (i.e. pursue happiness) through freedom, and free and open discourse.

By saying, “I’ll vote for Hillary,” the Never-Trumpers are engaging in the same political extortion that the Left has used for so long. They are willing to give up gains in course correction, even shipwreck the boat, in order to prove how “principled” they are. This is self-righteous bullshit, extortion, and a little bit of temper tantrum thrown in.

I won’t rag too much on the Never-Trumpers. There are plenty of crying little babies on both sides of the aisle. Besides, once they quit crying, they might see reason. But there is the ideological, and then there is the practical.

So, I’m curious to know which of Trump’s policies the Never-Trumpers oppose. (A check-mark will do.)

Opposes abortion in most situations.

Has the business and financial skills to balance the budget.

Will eliminate government waste, understands the importance of doing that, and has the skills and desire to do that.

Will create jobs, and has the proven skills to do so.

Will replace Obamacare.
(A president cannot REPEAL a law.)

Will close the borders. (Never-Trumpers keep claiming Trump is going to be like Obama on executive orders. But a president’s legitimate use of executive orders is to carry out the Executive Branch’s responsibility to execute/enforce existing law – not to make, break, or circumvent existing laws, like Obama has done. There are already existing laws to close the borders, deport people, even build a wall, but Obama won’t enforce them, and congress won’t make him.)

Will build a wall and take back control of our country.

Will provide massive law enforcement on the borders.

Will require immigrants to speak or learn English.

Will put an end to “anchor baby” practices.

Will reinstate work requirement for Welfare.

Will renegotiate/enforce the Iran deal.
(Prudence and the law must dictate the strategy.)

Will protect the Second Amendment.

Will defend religious freedom.

Will fix our broken tax system.

Will put together a sound foreign and military team.

Will build up our military, and take care of our vets.

The Never-Trumper argument is, “He really doesn’t mean it. He won’t do it.”

We’ll see, but evidence indicates otherwise, as he has succeeded in most everything he has set out to do, in business, and now in politics.

“Well, I think he’s really a liberal.”

What if he is? I didn’t see too many liberal policies in the above list. But I’m very sure that Hillary and Bernie are liberal, and that what they will do doesn’t include any of the above.

We’ve always been a somewhat divided country on how to make our country great. But by Obama’s presidency, we’ve seen there is actually a side that wants to destroy it. And it is a big enough proportion of people, that they may actually succeed.

Let’s get real honest here: Most of us, including Trump supporters, believe it’s already too late for this country. But if there is even a chance, this is it.

In order to invest, businesses have to know that there is a long-term shift toward a business friendly environment. Businesses need more than just the promise of four more years, in order to take the risk of starting or expanding businesses, or to bring their businesses and money back to the USA. Why should they bring it back, if in four years, the Democrats will just take it all away again?

You Never-Trumpers may never get a chance to vote for your “ideal” candidate for president. But I can promise you that if you stay home, or pull that lever for Hillary, you definitely won’t. You may not even get another chance to vote.


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