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While we’re busy watching the election show, Obama is using his remaining time to capsize the boat.

May 9, 2016

Don’t Rock the Boat, Baby

Here’s where we’re at since Cruz and Kasich dropped out of the Republican primary:

Out of Trump's 28, 1st place wins, only 5 were caucuses. The rest were primaries.

Out of Cruz's 12, 1st place wins, all were caucuses, except for his home state of Texas, Oklahoma (Texas’ twin cousin), and Idaho (which is 24% Mormon).

Kasich's only 1st place win was a primary, his home state of Ohio.

Marco Rubio had 3, 1st place wins: in left-leaning Minnesota, establishment stronghold Washington D.C., and predominantly Catholic Puerto Rico.

All remaining states are primaries, where popular vote determines the winner, and Trump was already strongly favored to win.

It is also worth mentioning the “type” of Evangelical voter that played a big role in Ted Cruz’s 1st place wins. States strongly for Cruz were heavily “holly roller” (for lack of a better term) or heavily Mormon (Romney got 93% of the vote in Utah and 62% of the vote in Idaho in the 2012 primaries). The reason I bring this up is that it could play a factor in the general election as well.

When we compare Romney’s 2012 primary run with Trump’s 2016 primary run, we see some interesting facts:

Romney had 2 more number one wins than Trump (factoring in the remaining primary elections). But Romney had far fewer votes than Trump, who to date already has 10.6 million votes, compared to Romney’s 9.9 million votes for the entire 2012 primary. And Trump will have an estimated 13 million at the end of the primaries. Romney also had less competitors for those votes: 6 competitors to Trump’s 11.

Today’s so-called journalist or reporters don’t “report” anything. They just spin things how they’d like them to be, hoping to affect the outcome.

As an opinion writer, I write about what I’d like to see, but still have to face what I see. So here is some of what I see, and what I’d like to see.

First, what I see.

On the Republican side:

1) Guilty Catholics tend to vote establishment – Rubio, Kasich, Bush.

2) Not-so guilty Catholics, Protestants, non-Church goers, and anti-establishments vote Trump.

3) Holy-rollers and Reagan “worshiping” stop-Trump conservatives voted Cruz. (I loved Reagan too, but he was the man of the hour, and he’s DEAD! Kind of like when God told Israel, "Moses my servant is DEAD!" But don’t tell “principled” conservatives Reagan is dead, because they might dig up his bones and worship them.)

4) Mormons vote Mormon, or for whoever Mitt tells them to vote for. (In case you were wondering what Mitt's little tirade was all about.)

5) Hispanics (guilty Catholics or not) vote for Trump, because they are tired of gangs and drug dealers raping and killing their family members.

And on the Democrat side:

1) Hispanics and Muslims vote for anyone who won’t close the borders or halt immigration, because they still have a lot of family members they want to bring over.

2) LGBTs, some atheists, old feminists and Barbara Streisand (redundant), vote for Hillary. Why? Because she is a woman (reportedly), will support hang-nail causes, and favors unisex bathrooms and free women’s supplies. (George Clooney votes for Hillary too, but he is really a closet Bernie man.)

3) Blacks (remember, this is the Democrat variety only) vote for Hillary, because she won’t end welfare, racism, or black-on-black crime.

4) Guilty white kids vote for Bernie, because they are spoiled, they’ve been given everything, and don’t know or don’t care how hard their parents worked to get that stuff, or maybe they even feel guilty about that too.

Did I leave anyone out? (The KKK? Well, it would be nice if Hillary votes for Trump too, but it doesn’t mean he approves of her or what she believes. And maybe the media would only require one disavowal for Hillary, instead of 50.)

What I’d like to see:

A presidential candidate who is a successful, commonsense “good-joe”, who tells his kids “don’t do drugs or drink,” who’s kids don’t do drugs or drink, rather than a self-righteous candidate who talks to the spirit of Ronald Reagan, and tells everyone who is voting for Trump that they aren’t really Christian or conservative. And what I’d REALLY like to see? That candidate BEAT HILLARY!

Just one more word to you “principled” conservatives who are doing everything you can to stop-Trump from beating Hillary, just so you can say, “See, I told you he couldn’t beat Hillary”: Democrats aren’t the only reason our culture is going downhill. “Principled” conservatives share in the blame, because they refuse to vote for people who can beat Democrats.

Democrats don’t care about principle. They just want to win, even if it means cheating (because they feel cheating is justified because America is so "unfair"). The reason we lose is because every election there are always “principled” Republicans who won’t vote because of their principles.

In 2012, some Christians wouldn’t vote for Romney because he was Mormon. Now in 2016, Mormons and some holy-roller Christians won’t vote for Trump because they say he isn’t Christian enough, or conservative enough. Ironically, most holy-rollers don’t even think Mormons are Christian. So how in the world did they all end up in bed together?

Maybe you should just try voting for the most conservative candidate that can win. (Oh, and go check the history of 3rd parties. I’ll wait. You’ll see they always eventually merged back to form 2 parties again. Check out my MISSION link. The whole mess in Ukraine is because of this very thing.)

One thing for sure: winning doesn’t do any good if our candidates get to Washington, but then are afraid to rock the boat once they get there. (Know what I mean, Speaker Ryan?) Democrats aren’t afraid of rocking the boat. As a matter of fact, while we are all busy watching the election show, Obama is using his remaining time in office to capsize the boat.


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