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Speaker Ryan’s core beliefs apparently don’t include DOING anything.

May 13, 2016

President Donald J. Trump

When Cruz and Kasich dropped out of the presidential race, the media must have gone into panic mode. Suddenly, it was quiet. No conflict. Even boring. That’s not so good for the news business.

So now we are back to manufacturing conflict, in order to keep the horse race going. But the election news is really pretty boring when you realize what a good chance Donald Trump has at becoming our next president?

If Trump wins all the states that Romney won in 2012 (which is probable), and Hillary wins all the states that Obama won in 2012 (which is possible), then Trump only needs to win Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida to win the presidency.

In 2012, Obama won Pennsylvania by 5%, Ohio by less than 2%, and Florida by less than 1%. As of today, the polls show Trump winning by 4 points in Ohio, and dead-even in Pennsylvania and Florida. These poll numbers are very much in line with actual votes in those state’s primaries this year as well.

So unless Mitt Romney and his Mormon Church, in their never-Trump crusade, vote for Hillary in Utah and Idaho, Trump is likely to be our next president. But even if they do, there are enough delegates in the fence-riding purple states to give Trump the election. And if the Republican Party unites, it is almost certain that Hillary Clinton (or George Clooney) will be defeated in the general election.

But then what?

Will the House and Senate, that has done absolutely nothing to stop Obama’s agenda, spend all their time trying to obstruct Donald Trump from carrying out the mandate given to him (and Congress) by the voters? Speaker Ryan speaks of his core beliefs, but apparently those core beliefs don’t actually include doing anything.

It is amazing to me that men like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can smile their “radiant white smile” while they stab you in the back. Yet they act so offended by Trump, who to them is like Rodney Dangerfield’s character in Caddy Shack, invading “their” country club. But whatever you think of Trump’s personality, I’d take Al Czervik any day to Judge Smails.

Politicians have gotten so comfortable with their position and status that they deliberately ignore their authority to carry out their responsibility. They care little of what the people want.

Along with praying for men and women of reason and common sense, who love this country, to be in positions of power, I’ve also been praying that Obama would pull out all the stops and show the American people what he and his agenda are really about. And my prayers have been answered. Obama and his Injustice Department are doing everything they can to complete Obama’s mission of resentment and revenge, a mission of permanently “transforming” (damaging and destroying) America, because they have realized that the American people are finally saying no more! He can’t go back to the old Leftist’s strategy of slow creep – two steps forward, one step back. No. It is too late for that. It is finally do or die for Obama and his ilk.

WE THE PEOPLE are fighting back with everything we have. What about you, Speaker Ryan? Speaker, or DOER?


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