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Hillary’s entire livelihood is politics, and it’s on the line in this election.

May 26, 2016

When Politics Is Your Livelihood

I’ve wanted to see a skilled businessperson in the White House since I voted for Ross Perot in 1992. My first mention in these articles of Donald Trump was on November 28, 2012 when I said I would have voted for him if he’d run in the 2012 election. My next mention of Trump was on April 11, 2015 noting he had scored highest on attributes I considered important for potential presidential candidates.

The pundits didn’t take Donald Trump seriously. The media didn’t. Hillary Clinton didn’t. But those of us who are supporting Trump did. We figured, if this guy is willing to take a pay cut, and slum it in the White House for 4 to 8 years, then he must be serious. And as we have seen, Donald Trump is always serious and he always plays to win!

Everyone should have known that Trump was serious just by looking at his children, because the fruit doesn’t fall far from the trees. All of Trump’s children are hard working, smart, self-realized individuals, who play to win. Whatever Trump may have been in the past, or what he has gone through over the years, it is quite obvious who he has become in the course of his life.

But no matter what Hillary Clinton pretends to be, it is evident that she hasn’t “evolved” personally or professionally. She is still the same money grubbing politician she was when she and Bill entered the White House nearly 25 years ago. She is still trudging through her miserable marriage of convenience, with no personal happiness or success to show from it. (If Bill and Hill weren’t politicians, they would have been divorced long ago, and both the better for it.)

She is still shouting how she wants to “fight for us,” but in reality, she is just a really desperate job applicant who really, really, really needs the income.

Her attempts to paint Trump as “not as successful as he says he is” are falling flat, because the fruit of her own life is painfully evident. She has made her entire living from politics, and with the help of the liberal media, has gotten away with this political scam and her personal sham for nearly 25 years.

If Trump lost everything he owned tomorrow, he’d just build it again. But Hillary’s entire life and livelihood is politics, and her entire livelihood is at stake in this election.

If Hillary loses this election, there won’t be any more half-a-million dollar speaking fees, because she’ll have no quid pro quo to offer. She’ll be lucky if she even gets invited to guest-speak at liberal universities. She’ll be back in the “poor house” just like when she and Bill left the White House in 2001. Poor Hillary.


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