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As liberal policies prevail with the help of government, a loveless and lawless society prevails, ironically, in the name of “love.”

June 9, 2016

Love Trumps

A couple of months back, Hillary Clinton coined the phrase, Love Trumps Hate. She and her ilk complain a lot about “hate.” But I wonder what she actually knows about love.

I was raised by parents who loved each other and loved me. My wife was, also. Neither of our families had money, but because of the love they gave us, she and I have the capacity to love. Now we have a new baby that we love and will raise in love. And so love perpetuates.

But many people – disproportionately, the liberal – were raised without parent(s) and/or parental love, and most societal ills are a product of this abandonment and abdication. And so this dysfunction perpetuates.

Some greedy liberals – like Hillary Clinton – want government to perpetuate this dysfunction in order to profit from it, while other “broken” or guilty liberals expect government to repair this dysfunction. But there is no law that can create love; no government mandate that can extract love from those who don’t know love, and therefore can’t give it. And as liberal policies prevail with the help of government, a loveless and lawless society prevails, ironically, under the banner of “love.”

I remember Donald Trump talking about the fact that many of the wealthy people he knows, unfortunately, don’t have the happiness of a family. And whatever marital struggles Trump may have had, today he is surrounded by his exemplary family, with loved and loving children and grandchildren.

But has Hillary Clinton actually ever loved or been loved? And if so, what does she have to show for it? A sham marriage? A philandering husband? A daughter following in the family business via NGO/NFP facades?

And what does her daughter think of her philandering father? Her kleptocrat mother? Their politically expedient marriage? Because of the example that has been set for her, does she simply think that this is the way it’s done?

What if Hillary ends up gaining the whole world? Sadly, she will still die, unloved, the first American woman president. Hail to the chief. No amount of professional or political success can ever justify the personal failure and emptiness of not being loved and loving in return. And no one can ever be an example of love who hasn’t been loved first.

As partakers of Hillary’s dysfunction and/or criminality, many of her supporters have a vested interest in her election. But Trump’s supporters aren’t rich or billionaires. They are middle class people who see their country being given away, while they do all the work; who hear their government telling them that they have no right to defend themselves, their families, their stuff, or their country; who see everything they have worked for being given to those who haven’t worked for it, simply on the premise that others don’t have it.

There are those on the Left who want government to steal from the middle class to give to the poor (and their rich). There are those on the Left, and on the right, that want a president who will change the hearts and minds of people. But neither are the purpose of government. And government isn’t capable of changing hearts, though they can certainly get in the way of it.

Hillary’s slogan, Love Trumps Hate, has nothing to do with love, Trump, hate, Hillary, or her campaign. Perhaps a better slogan for her would be, Hillary Loves Government or Hillary Loves Money, since government has been her sole source of “love” and money for many years. Only love trumps all, including government. But for the future of ourselves, our families, and our nation, I vote and pray that Trump trumps Hillary.


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