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In spite of the Orlando attack, many liberals continue to think those who disagree with them are a greater threat than those who want to kill them.

June 16, 2016

When the Insane Lead the Insane

In Orlando, Florida, over 100 people were gunned down in a nightclub, 49 of them killed. Yes, we heard this on the news. But what we didn’t hear on the news was about the other 219 attacks of terrorism committed by self-described Islamists in just the last 30 days.

During the last 30 days there were 219 Islamic attacks in 31 countries, in which 2209 people were killed and 2124 injured. In the last 4 days alone there have been 158 killed, 100 injured in 13 separate attacks. In an age of 24 hour news, why is this not reported on the news?

Obama continues to say these are just a “few extremists” and they are not representative of the religion of peace. Yet, in 11 “main-stream” Muslim countries (go look ’em up) the penalty for homosexuality is death – and we won’t even mention some of the other extreme laws (you can look these up too) that these “moderate” Muslim countries have.

Hillary says we must “love” the terrorists into loving. Hum? Obama says we can “absorb the losses” in our country as we try real hard not to give Islamic young men more “reasons to hate us.” Real nice idea, unless you or your loved one(s) just did the absorbing.

But in spite of the Orlando attack, many liberals continue to think that Republicans are a greater threat to them than terrorism. Many on the Left irrationally, but literally and vehemently, hate those who disagree with them, thinking that those who disagree with them are much more dangerous than those people who actually want to kill them! How is this possible? And how do you change the minds of people who are willingly and blindly devoted to an ideology of self-destruction (both the Left and terrorists)?

After hearing of the Orlando attack, I thought the Left would finally wake up and be sober for half-a-second. But it was in vain, because as Jimmy Fallon so insanely encouraged, “Party on, Orlando.” Yes, we’ve heard it before, “If we stop partying, the terrorists win.” But, no! If you don’t defend yourselves the terrorists will kill you and your friends, in which case, they win!

Do you think we’d live in a free country today if our Founding Fathers would have had ditched the “fight for freedom” thing, and instead gone with, “party for freedom?” How about that whole Civil War thingy? Party for Abolition? World War II and Nazi Germany? Party for Holocaust? That would have been real productive.

Obama, Hillary, and the Left want to lump law abiding gun owners in with criminals and terrorists by going after guns and the 2nd amendment. But law abiding citizens simply want to protect themselves and their families, and perhaps even make it harder for guys like the Orlando shooter to go on a fish-in-a-barrel shooting spree. (Though I am not a supporter of gun-control, I would support banning assault stones and rocks in Islamic countries.)

The essence of Donald Trump’s entire campaign, on every level, is the right of self-defense, and not just our 2nd amendment right, but protecting our jobs, protecting our borders, and protecting our country through a strong military.

And this is the Left’s big problem with Trump. Because decent (but stupid) people on the Left think that if you just bend over and take it, it will eventually go away. And the criminal element on the Left (which is growing with every election) wants to eliminate all resistance to their criminality, and they are willing to kill and/or let other’s die in order to get want they want.

Ask yourself, who would the terrorists vote for? Hillary (Obama’s 3rd term) or Trump? Public records show that the Orlando gunman was a registered Democrat, and that most American Muslims vote Democrat as well.

Will Gays still vote Democrat after this horrific event, or will they vote for a president that will protect all Americans?

All Americans have a choice in 2016 – Self Defense, or not Self Defense? That is the question.


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