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Obama is learning that it’s no fun to be so “smart” when no one listens to you.

June 24, 2016

Mitt and the 47 Percitt

Back in 2012, the media told us Mitt Romney had seriously offended 47% of the population when he was caught on tape saying that 47% of the population felt entitled and would vote for Obama no matter what. Now Mitt Romney acts offended that Donald Trump might be offending some of that 47%. I realize this is all being done under the pretense of morality. But to me, Donald Trump’s straightforwardness is far more moral than Mitt saying what he said behind closed doors, and then back-peddling when he found out he got caught.

Establishment Republicans, like Mitt, keep saying they want to broaden the base and reach out to that 47%, yet when Donald Trump broadens the base and actually reaches some of them, Mitt and the establishment types belly-ache.

In 2012, Obama beat Romney by 332 to 206 electoral votes. If 2016 goes like 2012, The Donald only needs to pick up PA, FL, and OH to win by 273 to 265. And in those states he is polling in a dead heat with Hillary Clinton. That would be a close victory, but still a victory.

But I don’t think 2016 will go like 2012. Trump got over 3 million more votes than Mitt Romney did in the 2012 primaries (and Romney had far less competition), and Republican votes in the 2016 primaries were up by nearly 9 million votes, while Democrat votes were down by nearly 5 million.

Hillary probably won’t win any of the Romney states. But it is probable that Trump will win some of the 2012 Obama states. Trump will get votes from some who would never even think of voting for Romney – like the 47%. Also keep in mind, Bernie beat Hillary in 9 of those states that Obama won on 2012, and a reported 50% of Bernie supporters have vowed Never-Hillary.

Why human nature is to wait until one gets to the end of one’s rope to change, I will never understand. But Brexit just won by 52% to 48%; record numbers of gays and lesbians are getting concealed carry permits; blacks are beginning to see that Obama cares more about people from other countries then he does about them; citizens are beginning to see that illegal immigration isn’t good for our people and our families, or even for illegals in the long run.

I think the DNC and their extension, the main-stream media, are really starting to sweat. The media are trying hard not to let anyone see them sweat, because after all, their job is to determine elections, not report on them. But they are sweating. (I keep thinking of that doctor in Total Recall, trying to convince Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character that he is just dreaming. Remember?)

I think Obama is sweating, too. This is all getting under his skin. I mean, that the people would actually have a say in all this. He is learning that it’s no fun to be so smart if no one buys your bullshit.

And hopefully, soon Crooked Hillary will learn that she can no longer get rich off of “public service.”

P.S. Yes, I know how to spell percent. I have a cold.


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