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Even if Hillary really wanted to help people, she's proven she doesn't know how, and has offered even more evidence that she knows how to get people hurt.

July 16, 2016

Everyone Knows

The recent years have made us all painfully aware that Political Correctness isn’t about sensitivity or concern for others. It is about using force and coercion to make people ignore reason and common sense, so that those who enlist Political Correctness may accomplish their political agenda. It is about silencing reasonable voices.

We can no longer coexist with these Politically Correct terms. They are deceitful, and they continue to grow in deceitfulness and number. When one acquiesces to even one term, just for the sake of getting along, the term becomes the norm, and the Left moves on to the next phrase and next phase of their agenda, their agenda always being to redefine center. But in spite of the Left’s inquisitional tactics, we must correct these terms and show their fallacy and intent, or becomes slaves to those terms and to those who enlist them.

One is not a racist for judging “a person by the content of his character.” One should not pre-judge anyone’s character, but nor should one ignore reasonable indicators of poor character. But everyone knows this.

One is not homophobic for believing in traditional marriage. Phobia denotes an irrational fear. Leftists have enlisted the clinical term phobia in order to label those who disagree with them as having mental problems. But everyone knows this.

Not all Muslims are terrorists. But one is not Islamophobic for observing that the common factor in nearly all acts of terrorism is that the people committing these acts all self-identify as Islamic, and quote the Qur’an as justification for their murder of other Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Hindus, men, women, children, gays, or people just wearing a color they don’t like on a particular day of the week. But everyone knows this.

Many things have come to light over the past year since Donald Trump entered the presidential race. People have really shown their true colors. You might even say they have been “flushed-out.” (You hunters and military people know what I’m talking about. The rest of you think I’m talking about a toilet, right?)

Be it the lawless, Dreams of My Anarchist Father, Barrack Obama; Lyin’, crooked, Never Been Loved Except by Wall Street, Hillary Clinton; Big biz, 3D White Smile, Stab Those Who Endorsed and Supported Him in the Back, Mitt Romney; or even the Stuck in the 60’s, Once Sincere but then Sold-out, Bernie Sanders – you have all shown your true colors. You and many more. This is a personal answer to prayer for me.

Everyone (including the Never-Trumpers ) knows that Donald Trump had a supportive upbringing, a good education, and opportunities many don’t. That he used those assets to build a successful empire. That like any smart businessman, he played the game to his advantage. That he was somewhat of a “playboy” in his younger years, but eventually become grounded domestically through his children and experience. No, he isn’t Billy Graham. He might even be what you in Utah and Idaho refer to as a Jack-Presbyterian (from the term, Jack-Mormon – what Mormons label other Mormons who drink Pepsi, work on Sunday, haven’t been on a Mission, yada, yada, yada).

Yes, everyone, on the Left and on the right, already knows this. It has all been talked about.

But there is a point in any discussion or negotiation where words become unproductive, even counter-productive. The time for deciding becomes quite obvious when you realize that everyone present understands the terms, even if they pretend they don’t understand them in an attempt to get better terms, or are simply in denial about where they find themselves in the negotiation. We have reached that point. A time for deciding. All parties concerned know who the parties involved are, and what the terms are.

And this brings us to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and the 2016 Presidential election. Whatever the Democrat Party may have been in the past, those days are gone and everyone knows it. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Everyone knows this. Everyone knows we are divided as a nation, not because of diversity or a lack of it, but because of thievery. The thieves know it. Those being stolen from know it. Everyone knows, so let’s drop the charade.

Regarding choice? You do not have any other choice in this situation. Green Party or Libertarian Party are not a choice. At this juncture in history, they are an exercise. An exercise in futility. You won’t produce a future standing for your party by voting for them this election. You’ll be having your own little Gettysburg re-enactment during a real civil war. You’ll be on one side or the other, even if you pretend you aren’t. (And remember, this is coming from a man who voted for Ross Perot, and has voted Libertarian in a past election. Or was it Green? Or was it both? See how memorable it was?)

So since the Hillary-Trump outcome will be the only outcome that matters in November, here is some other stuff I think everyone knows about Hillary and Trump. Hillary wants power and money. Actually, she wants love. But she has never had it, and has little chance of ever having it, so she’ll settle for power and money. Politics is, and always has been, her means of getting what she wants.

Those “with her” know she hasn’t an altruistic bone in her body. But they care little of her motive because she will get them what they want. But make no mistake, they all know who she is – a crook and a liar – and they don’t care. She is their mercenary. Just pay her. Trump, on the other hand, has money and power. So, what’s in it for him? Most likely, given his personality type, the personal challenge. The challenge of succeeding at doing something he hasn’t done before; doing something for this country and its people that he has already been successful at doing for himself and his family. It is his biggest challenge yet. He likes winning. He likes winners. And I think everyone on the Left and right knows this about Trump.

Everyone in politics throws the Help People/Hurt People football back and forth. But even if Hillary really wanted to help people, she’s shown she hasn’t an idea in hell of how to do it. And she’s offered plenty of evidence that she knows how to get people hurt.

I’ve been thinking about JFK lately. He was the only president that inspired me when I was a child. When he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” he wasn’t pandering. He meant it! He was the very last great Democrat president. He inspired our nation. We went to the moon because of him!

JFK was a hero to people in both parties. But today’s Democrats wouldn’t vote for him. Too patriotic. Loved America. Believed America was “exceptional.” And I’m sure Mitt Romney wouldn’t vote for him either, because JFK had some real personal weaknesses. But he also had some real strengths too, especially in policy. Today’s Democrats disrespect JFK. They disrespect MLK, Jr. as well, when they find they can’t use Dr. King’s words to further their radical agenda. If you would have told me thirty years ago this would happen, I never would have believed it. But whereas excellence has no ceiling (not even the moon), the Left has no floor.

This election is not about what we don’t know. It is about what we do know, both Left and Right.

There probably aren’t too many on the fence regarding the coming presidential election. But I do sincerely hope that some – especially those who robotically vote Democrat in every election – will give Trump a chance to fix this economy. That in itself would help everyone – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

To you Democrats: For 8 long years you’ve tasted Obama’s “hope and change.” You’ve listened to Hillary for 25 years; voted Democrat for 50 freakin’ years! You’ve had plenty of promises, and you have nothing to show for it! Four years, Democrats. Just give Trump four years! Just consider him your Apprentice. If he doesn’t come through, fire his ass!


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