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Sanders supporters are being told that if Hillary doesn’t win, they will never have another chance at a non-establishment president, when just the opposite is true.

July 26, 2016

For Those Who Feel Bern-ed

For all you Sanders supporters who are feeling burned: we on the Republican side won our fight against the establishment. It was a hard fight. The Bush dynasty and the establishment outspent Trump over 300 to 1 for each delegate won.

Jeb! spent the most at $11.5 million per delegate, while Trump spent the least at $37,000 per delegate.

From the time Trump entered the race against 16 other seasoned politicians, we listened to the media laugh at him. We heard weekly how he had finally stepped in it, and how his candidacy was finally over. We’ve learned that an estimated $100 million has been spent by Republican “Never-Trump” groups in an effort to stop Trump. And they are still spending.

Mitt Romney is still trying to turn the states of Utah and Idaho “Blue” for the current election. Those 10 delegates may not seem like much, but they could help get Hillary the White House. John Kasich is trying to give the key state of Ohio to Hillary, which probably would give her the election.

These groups would prefer Hillary Clinton to win, over their own candidate. This speaks volumes about what this election is really about. This election is about a system of cushy little jobs for politicians, and the lobbyists who want to keep their cushy little arrangement with those politicians. That’s what we mean when we say “The Establishment” or “The Washington Elite.”

In hopes of destroying him, the media gave Bernie very little air time, and the DNC tried to limit the number of debates. This left Bernie at a great disadvantage. But his supporters saw what was going on, and this rallied them even more.

In hopes of destroying Trump, the media gave Trump lots of air time, and the RNC had far too many debates, again, thinking Trump would step in it. This was a great advantage to Trump because he was aware of what the media was doing. It was also an advantage to Trump because, we the voters knew exactly what the media was trying to do, and we don’t like being manipulated.

Just as with the DNC and Bernie, there was lots of behind-the-scenes stuff going on with the RNC establishment to stop Trump. But Trump pulled it off. It wasn’t who the establishment of either party wanted. But he beat the Republican establishment.

I am sincerely disappointed that Bernie and his supporters weren’t able to beat the system. I don’t agree with Sanders’ policies, but I do believe he is an honest, non-establishment candidate. And I would have liked to have seen that fight. The Capitalist v. the Socialist. That would have at least been an honest debate of ideas.

But Bernie lost, and now we all know that the DNC did everything it could to undermine him. To the DNC, Bernie was just a place holder so it would look like Crooked Hillary had some competition, and had won the nomination “honestly.”

Bernie was a threat to the establishment. If the DNC wouldn’t have outrightly undermined him, he might have won the nomination. We will never know. First, he was beat. But when he endorsed Hillary Clinton, he gave up. He has become the Ross Perot of the Left, except that Ross Perot gave up first, and then was beat.

Sanders supporters are now being told that if Hillary doesn’t win, they will never have another chance at a non-establishment president. But just the opposite is true. If Crooked Hillary Clinton wins, there will never be a non-establishment president – on either side.

Donald Trump is a continuing threat to the establishment on both sides. If Donald Trump is elected, both the Left and the right will try to undermine everything he tries to do. But, unlike Bernie, or Ross Perot, Trump won’t give up. I believe he welcomes the challenge, and is up for the task.


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