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If Donald Trump wins this election, it means an end to the Elite's rule.

August 15, 2016

Furiously Funding Hillary

During the 2012 elections, I noticed something very interesting. While driving through the neighborhoods of Columbus, in the key state of Ohio, upper-class neighborhoods had far more Obama campaign signs than Romney. Middle-class neighborhoods had far more Romney signs than Obama. And lower-class neighborhoods didn’t have many signs at all. I really had trouble digesting what I saw.

The middle-class wants the rich guy? The upper-class wants the socialist... ‘er, “progressive” candidate? And the poor wanted none of the above?

Perhaps the rich could afford to assuage their liberal guilt, the poor had been lulled into complacently with an Obama phone, a RedBox DVD, and a pizza, and the middle class was drowning, crying out for help.

But there is something very different about this election year.

My neighborhood is a typical Trump demographic. Yet, I’ve only seen one Trump yard sign. As you can tell from these articles, I am a huge Trump supporter, but I have no intentions of putting a Trump sign in my yard or putting a Trump bumper sticker on my car. Why? Because Hillary Clinton and her supporters have shown themselves to be malicious and criminal – beating up Trump supporters, tearing down yard signs, and vandalizing and defacing property.

Of course, when you listen to the media, you’d think all this violence against Trump supporters was invited and justified.

But the truth is, WE THE PEOPLE have finally learned the Left’s game. We don’t want to be vandalized, assaulted, or forced out of our jobs for standing up against political correctness.

So now, Hillary, it’s our turn to show you we are not like you or your supporters, and that we are not with you. We may not be vocal. We may not use bumper stickers and yard signs to show our support. We might not even go to Trump rallies, which is saying something, considering the huge turn-outs at his rallies. But there is one thing we can and will do, and you can’t stop us or intimidate us. We’ll go to vote in November.

And there is something else very different about this election year. I see zero Hillary signs in my neighborhood. And just think, Hillary supporters don’t even have to worry about being assaulted or having their property vandalized or defaced. This speaks volumes!

From the beginning of this cycle, I’ve been saying there are a lot of silent Trump supporters out there. And to my point: Current polling shows Clinton leading by an average of 7 points. But there’s a new app out that shows Trump winning 64% to 36%!

From the app’s maker: “We are not a poll. We are a conversation, and 100% anonymous. People feel comfortable answering questions without fear of being bullied or being called a racist. People can express themselves safely, and you get a pure answer.”

I think those furiously funding Hillary (Soros, Buffett, the Kochs, Mark Cuban, Zuckerberg, Hollywood, the Republican establishment) know this is the situation and are really sweating.

If Donald Trump wins this election, it means the people are involving themselves in the future of their country, and that it is the end of the Elite rule in the Republican Party – at least until the people become complacent again.

There have been quite a few close elections over the years. But if this app is right, and Donald Trump wins this election by that kind of margin... well, in the words of the late, great Edward Herrmann, This changes everything!

P.S. Changed my mind. I’m putting up a yard sign. In fact, two. One for Trump. And one for Hillary... for prison!


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