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Hillary Clinton will run our government like she's run her campaign – like she has bottomless pockets!

October 28, 2016

A Tale of Two Sh*ttys?

Hillary Clinton doesn’t promote or defend herself, because she knows she is unpromotable and indefensible. Those who try to promote and defend her, range from the ridiculous – Obama’s, “I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America,” to the sublime – Oprah’s, “You don’t have to like her. Just vote for her.”

Hillary also knows she is unlikable. She has no charm. Her personal life is unenviable. She has no business acumen or fitness to run our country. And as soon as she realized Donald Trump wouldn’t be one of her donors this election cycle, but would instead be a competitor (bet she never saw that coming), she’s tried to paint Donald Trump as not having the business acumen or fitness to run our country. (Gee, sounds like Mitt Romney.)

Basically, her campaign strategy has been: I’m not as rubbish as the other guy.

But I think her strategy is failing, and here is why:

Yesterday, I saw a Hillary ad on TV. It was the typical dribble, bashing Trump for saying he knows more about ISIS than the generals; that he is your crazy uncle; that he is a buffoon. (We Trump supporters take him seriously, but we don't take him literally; while the media takes him literally, but doesn't take him seriously.)

But about a minute later, I saw a Trump ad. I don’t believe it even mentioned Hillary. It started with Trump saying, “I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message,” which I found strange, since the approval is usually at the end of the message. But once I saw the ad, I understood why.

It was a very moving testimony by a woman who had lost her son, killed violently by an illegal immigrant. Her story was heart wrenching. And effective.

After I saw those ads, I thought, if Trump keeps hammering the actual effects that Obama’s policies have had on everyday Americans – policies Hillary will continue and make even worse – Trump will win this election.

Just a couple of hours later, something came in the mail that cemented that.

A little background first. My neighborhood is filled with Trump signs. Not a single Hillary sign. In August I received several expensive, full-color, anti-Trump brochures in the mail about how Trump is a “fat-shamer,” and if you are a woman, make sure you vote for Hillary, even if your husband votes for Trump. (A real "unifier.") And a couple of weeks ago I got another expensive, full-color brochure in the mail from the Clinton campaign with the theme, “Who said it? Trump, or your crazy uncle?” (I was actually going to write an article on that brochure, but considering that our crazy Uncle Joe Biden, in an attempt to say why Trump was unfit to be president, gave out that he had a guy following him around with the nuclear launch codes, I thought, why bother?)

So, yesterday I got two more expensive, full-color brochures in the mail with the theme, “If you vote for a 3rd party candidate, you are voting for Trump.” And that’s when I had my Eureka moment.

If Hillary Clinton becomes president, she'll run our government just like she has run her campaign – LIKE SHE HAS BOTTOMLESS POCKETS!

She and her campaign have spent money on focus/exploratory groups for her candidacy, she has hired behavioral psychologists, she spent huge amounts trying to destroy Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in the primaries. She has raised and spent 3 times the amount as Donald Trump. Yet in the last few days, all the polls have tightened showing Trump well within striking distance.

While Hillary did one stop in Florida on Wednesday, Donald Trump did several campaign stops, and still found time to dedicate his new hotel in Washington D.C.

This is who he is. He is a tireless worker. He knows how to lead and work with his team. And he brings projects in under-budget and ahead-of-schedule. THIS IS HOW HE’LL DO HIS JOB AS PRESIDENT!

I think the country is hearing the message. I think the country will elect Donald J. Trump as the next President of the United States of America. And I think that perhaps it is a far, far better thing that we do, than we have ever done.


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