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November 5, 2016

The Strength of a Nation

The strength of any nation is its middle class, regardless of race and ethnicity.

There will always be people with ambition, and people without it. The idea of homogenizing culture into a single class, is forcing the ambitious into a strait-jacket, while providing others something they really don’t want that bad, and therefore, really don’t appreciate; making the ambitious unhappy, while unsuccessfully trying to make the unambitious happy.

A person without ambition will not necessarily remain without it, unless they are encouraged and enabled to do so. As a matter of inertia, people with ambition will tend to remain in motion. Perhaps everyone will eventfully lose their drive if they live long enough, because of numerous factors, the most predominate being fatigue, illness, or discouragement. But driven people tend to be able to take care of themselves, while building strong family structures, which serve as a support system as they get older.

I am shocked and saddened at the number of organizations that are arising to push for government to do for individuals what they could do for themselves (if in the proper atmosphere). While some people are in it strictly for self enrichment, some within these organizations really want to help people. Yet, they are robbing individuals of the confidence that comes from self-development and achievement.

The excuse is, “Some can’t do for themselves.” But within that statement comes the key – some is not all. These organization never reduce the some to few, but always grow the few to many. Most who embrace liberal policies rarely see the policy correlation to the growth of the problem – a nearly impossible lesson for the ideological to learn. The psychological reasons for this blindness are deep, entwined with ones sense of self-worth; very akin to the problems they create in those they are trying to help.

No one has really been objective enough to tackle the problem as to why certain groups of people trend to remain static within certain classes. Observation is discouraged, even forbidden, within our PC culture. Any science that could be used to observe this problem has been marked as racism or other “isms.” So the solution has been to ignore the problem, misrepresent the problem, or to try and reduce everyone to a single regulated societal class.

To understand why this is ultimately unworkable, one must understand that socialism and communism are intrinsically materialistic, yet with an almost “religious” quality that attaches prohibition and guilt to using one’s talent to produce more for oneself, then family, then society. Principles only work for those who work them. To work them, you must know them. And there is a concerted effort by the current day slave owners of our society to hide them.


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