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The Liberal Media's New Drone: The Russians are Coming!

January 13, 2017

The Hunt for Red November

If you’ve read the pages of this website, then you already know my opinion of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. In November of 2014, I wrote the following:

I believe the greatest threats to the world’s well being right now are Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. Putin and Obama are not that different. They are both racist, and they both believe the means are justified by the ends – that their goals are so noble, that they are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to achieve their end – that being GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

Putin thinks he is “advancing” against the godlessness of the decadent west. Obama thinks he is “progressing” against the unfairness of a white, Judeo-Christian dominated society. But in his attempt to make things fairer for some, Obama and his clan have made things worse for all. For the whole world.

Putin longs for the Soviet Union. Barack for socialism. They both think they are right, but they are moving the world back in time, not to simpler times, but to times of death and sorrow and unspeakable horrors. Putin by commission; Obama by omission abroad, and commission domestically.

We either enforce current immigration laws, move back the march of the left, or watch our nation become a socialist country, where the ceiling of a meager life is guaranteed for all (except the kings of government), and opportunity to excel exists for none. And we either continue to be an example to the world by strengthening ourselves and our allies, and by continuing to help police the world, or we watch the world being eaten bite by bite, the final swallow being US.

Over the last few years, I have also addressed the situation in Ukraine in these pages. I lived in Ukraine for nearly 2 years. My wife is Ukrainian. My Ukrainian family lives less than 150 miles from the conflict area.

Putin didn’t want Obama meddling in Ukraine. Obama didn’t want Putin meddling in Ukraine. But most importantly, Ukraine wants neither Obama or Putin meddling in Ukraine. Ukraine belongs to Ukrainians. Not the USA, Russia, or Europe.

There are many problems to work through with Russia, as well as with China. But it is to our advantage, and to the advantage of the whole world, if we can get along with a major world power like Russia (which according to a 2014 report, has 700 more nukes than we have, and has been increasing their stockpile since that report, thank to Obama).

Ten years ago, I told a Belarusian friend that if the USA and Russia would work together, they could solve 90% of the world’s problems. She agreed wholeheartedly, but was shocked to learn there was an American that felt that way as well.

Which brings us to the problem at hand: Liberals (and their main-stream media accomplices) have taken up a new mantra; one they denounced as fear mongering in the 1950s and 60s, but have now adopted, and with real enthusiasm: The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming! And these activists are in a real precarious situation. Because they have always blamed Republicans of being warmongers and hawks, yet now have suddenly become warmongers and hawks themselves. Even Obama is playing a very dangerous devil-may-care game with Russia in his final days as president.

But it is obvious that this new-found concern about Russia has nothing to do with Russia. They simply think they have finally found a weapon to take Trump out. (Boy, have we heard THAT before!) Thus, The Hunt for Red November. And it will be droning on for the next 8 years, or until they come up with a new device that they think will work better.

The drone is about how Putin “influenced” our election, but the inference is that he determined our election, therefore making Trump’s presidency illegitimate.

You can pretty much expect every question the press asks now (from Trump's taxes to his underwear) to have this "Red" thread in it. It's their story, and they're sticking to it. Stir outrage. Try and separate Trump from his followers. Maybe set the stage for impeachment down the road, if those things don't work.

These same people had no trouble when the West re-conducted an entire election in Ukraine when a Russia friendly candidate won in 2004. (Yes, there was wide spread fraud in that election, which the Ukrainian people knew. But the only fraud in the USA election was by Democrats.) They also had no problem when Obama sent campaign strategists to Israel to affect the election there.

The simple point is this: The Left and their media is dedicated to see Trump fail at implementing his agenda of making America great again.

When Democrats/media want to destroy someone, they create a portrayal of the person that they think will turn that person’s support base away from them. Problem is, they just cannot empathize enough with us Trump supporters to create a convincing performance.

Not every person can act. But pretty much everyone knows bad acting when they see it.

One of the major things you are taught in acting school is that you must never judge your character (unless, of course, judging yourself is a part of the character’s personalty). Judging your character produces a caricaturish performance.

I’ve seen a number of Hollywood movies that have had “Christian” or “conservative” characters in them. And it was pretty obvious to those who are Christian or conservative that Hollywood couldn’t empathize enough to do a realistic portrayal. Their portrayal was exactly the way liberals see Christians or conservatives. Caricaturish.

Oh, Hollywood does a wonderful job at identifying with, empathizing with, and portraying serial killers, rapist, murderers, hookers, etc., but they just can’t seem to get the intent right on people they hate and judge. Truth is: their hatred of Christians/conservatives is so deep, they CAN'T empathize with them.

(The one actor that I think does an incredible job at playing ANY role he takes on, including a Christian/conservative, is Matthew McConaughey. I have no idea, nor do I care, what his ideology is. He is a superb actor. Perhaps Robert Duvall as well. Both, great actors, who apparently can do what even Her Worship, Meryl Streep, can’t.)

The press is no different when it comes to bad acting. They go after Donald Trump, feigning objectivity, as though no one can see how vehemently they personally hate him. It shows when they gush over Obama as well. What a sad commentary for American journalism.

The more I watch this charade, the more I realize that their hatred has less to do with Trump, and more with the contempt they feel for us – the people who were so fed up with their dishonesty and hubris, that we finally began fighting back.

Libs tore down our yard signs, egged our houses, and vandalized our cars. But we didn’t care. Because finally we had someone who would fight back with us. It’s all we ever wanted. That’s why the other stuff (i.e. Trump's tax returns, etc.) doesn’t mean sh-t to us.

Yes, if Trump wouldn’t have been there, Hillary probably would have won, because the system would have just given us another Bush! or a little-Marco, or a grumpy-old-Kasich. But now we have a hero who, like us, wants to make America great again, and is telling those who want to undermine that goal the things we have wanted to say to them for so long; things we have been shouting at our TVs for years. And now we can stop shouting at our TVs (if we want), because we have someone who will tell them to their face. God, it feels good!

The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Most Democrats are still in stage one. A few are in stage two. They’d better learn to work through their Soros... 'er, sorrows and “moveon” (puns very much intended) or it's going to be a long, long 8 years for them.


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