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All things, including Madonna, are eventually beyond reinvention and repair.

January 29, 2017

The New Improved Makeover Party

Liberals and their media know that Democrats didn’t lose so many offices across this country (close to 1,000 total under Obama) because of a Russian hack. They lost because they abandon their blue-collar base, and chose to embrace every fringe group they possibly could. They made “causes” their central cause.

Democrats didn’t intend to lose their blue-collar base. They thought they’d be able to juggle everyone. But fringe groups are so passionate about their hangnail causes that the issue of jobs isn't even on their radar anymore. Maybe there are so many social programs, safety nets, and political subsidies, that they don’t have to think about the basic necessities of life anymore. But the blue-collar worker does, because they are the ones paying for the social programs, while trying to feed their own families and pay their own bills.

The promise of steal from the rich and give to the poor just doesn’t cut it with these blue-collar workers. If they have a decent job, they know it's because someone with means wants to build something. And they know that the steal from the rich approach will only cause them to end up without a job or with a Barista job.

But the Democrat party took the gamble and went full-in on who they think is the future. And now that they’ve lost the election(s), they are wandering in the wilderness, trying to figure out how to reinvent themselves. But the problem with this is that normal working people are tired of plastic surgeries. Like the actress that played Baby in Dirty Dancing, their party is unrecognizable to them.

Democrats’ latest ploy to revitalize their party is a renewed focus on women. During the election they even tried to annex Republican women with their “what would you tell your daughter” literature. Many of these Republican women actually attended the Women’s March in Washington last week, in a show of "solidarity" for women. But this group is not a new, expanding demographic. These woman already voted for Hillary. Furthermore, these Republicans certainly must realize that the self-described “nasty, vulgar” looneys they were marching with would never march in solidarity with them, or vote for a Republican woman for office. They'd only vote for another nasty, vulgar woman.

Everyone knows liberals were not offended by Grab ’em by the pu**y. It is something they are experts at doing – liberal men and women alike. Anyone who’s worked in the film industry, even for a short time, knows that they don’t just let you do it; they’ll grab your hand and put it there. Star-struck neophytes who worship celebrities, and derive their sense of self-worth from this kind of deliria, are no secret in Hollywood. And it is no secret either that many celebrities (men and women) feel slighted if every woman in the world doesn’t want them to grab ’em. So the fact that they would act offended by it, and try to use it as a tool to take out a presidential candidate was just one more nail in their lilly-livered liberal coffin.

I think it’s a noble endeavor for people to try and improve who they are. But improving who you are starts with, well... who you ARE! And liberals just can’t grasp that changing one’s appearance is not the same as improving one’s character. And judging from this last election, people are more interested in who you are – the good, the bad, and the ugly – especially if you can create jobs, enforce existing laws, and solve real problems.

For some reason, the party of the fake just doesn’t seem to understand that all things, including Madonna, are eventually beyond reinvention and repair. And like the tranny whose already removed his stuff, trying to go back will be a long, costly, if not impossible, task.


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