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No More Soviet Love Songs?

February 25, 2017

You Don't Love the Russians Anymore

(To the tune of Neil Diamond’s, You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore)

You don't love the Russians
No more talk of Lenin
You hardly talk of Marx anymore
When I see you on the news at the end of the day

(I remember when)
Trump won the election
you lost your большой/bolshoi erection
Now you’re bashing those once your best friends
Cause it works for you, helps you make up fake news
Well then ya just roll over, and hope we all snooze

And you don’t love the Russians anymore

You thought it was the best, oh
The commie manifesto
But what you really believe doesn’t count anymore
You just put on a mask, if it helps you to score

But Lefties I remember, all of the things you said then,
“If only we could have a country just like theirs.”
And we both know you can’t really tell them goodbye,
But you'd think you could learn how to tell a good lie

You don’t love the Russians anymore

And you'd think by now you'd learn how to tell a good lie

But you’re no longer gushin’
Fake press ain’t even blushin’
You don’t love the Russians anymore

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