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March Forth, 2017 (it's also March Fourth)

Eat Your State of the Onion Veggies

I’ve never been big into politics. I have many other interests I want to pursue in life, and I’ve been trying to find a timely and graceful exit from covering politics. Two fortuitous things happened these past two weeks to help me do just that.

The first was President Trump’s State of the Union address. He didn’t sound like a Republican. He didn’t sound like a Democrat. He sounded like an American. As he stated in his speech, “My job is not to represent the world. My job is to represent the United States of America.” And it was evident from his speech that he has the interests of all Americans at heart.

President Trump probably didn’t change the minds of the Governor Lepetomanes who derive their money, power, and prestige from government, and who use their constituents' misfortunes to protect their phony baloney jobs. And he probably didn’t change the minds of an ideological media bent on destroying his presidency.

But for those with an open heart, who want a better life, and who want to make America great again, Trump is changing minds. This became evident to me a couple of weeks ago in an online chat. (The names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

ATradesman: I didn't vote Trump. I used to not like him. Now I do.

Me: This is cool. Would love to interview you. (I'm serious). What changed your mind? Specifically. When did you change your mind?

ATradesman: No, you wouldn't. :)

Me: No, I'm serious. I think that is cool. Was there something specific that changed your mind about him? I've always been a supporter, from 2012. I'm honestly curious about you. Noticed you have a million comments, so something must have changed your mind. Just be careful. You'll be a bigger target for the left than most of us. They will hate you.

ATradesman: I'm Libertarian. Voted Cruz.

Me: I am too. I liked Cruz. Would have voted for either him or Trump. I don't think Cruz could have gotten the swing vote though.

ATradesman: He is a very successful business man. That doesn't happen by being lucky. He has a direction to make America Great Again. He sees the problems that the working Americans go through every day. The demise of our country’s morals and beliefs that has weakened us and divided us for the last 8 years. He is willing to stand up for us against the lying news media and the Democrats who are just using the blacks and Hispanics to get their votes.

Me: It’s nice to chat with someone who doesn't just want to throw adolescent insults or show how "smart" they are.

ATradesman: I felt having to vote for Trump in order to keep Hillary out of the White House was the adult version of having to eat your vegetables. Now I like him.

I couldn't have asked for a nicer ending.


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