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November 11, 2017

After the Rush Gold

Most mainstream reporters act so humble and objective. But for the most part that's all it is: an act.

They present themselves as a team. A consensus team. A great well-oiled machine that works the way the old Soviet Socialist Republic was supposed to work, and would have worked, if only they'd been there; each comrade doing their part for the greater, global good. But inwardly, they are more concerned with what their peers think of them, about moving up the ladder and pay scale, bagging an intern, and someday getting a Pulitzer or a Murrow.

But on the other hand, there is one guy out there, outwardly braggadocious, with "talent on loan from God," who has to tie one half of his brain behind his back just to make it fair. But it's pretty obvious he does what he does each day because he loves it. He doesn't have to impress his boss, because he IS the boss, and the EIB microphone is the most important award he'll receive. And for those of us who listen to him regularly, we realize he is really just a big, humble marshmallow who loves this country and believes conservatism is the cure for what ails it.

Through personal obstacles and physical handicap, and for many years, he's had the guts to cut though political correctness to state the true and the painfully obvious. And there isn't a doubt in my mind, that if we lived in different times, Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton would have asked for his head in a basket, and would have gotten it. Because he is, after all, the most dangerous man in America — to Leftists. And yes, he does live "rent free in their heads."

Each weekday he allows listeners to watch him think aloud and to watch his mental processes. Many times he is echoing the things we are already thinking. Other times, we follow his line of reasoning (based on knowledge guided by experience), and say, "Of course, why didn't I think of that?" We don't always agree with him; just 99.8% of the time. And we always remember that he told us so.

Still, with more than 26 million listeners as of April of 2017 (and growing), many people have never listened to him. They've only heard what agents of the Left pick through each weekday hoping to "catch" him in his words, take him out of context, and feed that back to their audiences in a modified, poisonous form. And that poison is just perfect for their audiences — a group that is foreign to critical thinking; a group who lives by feelings, and on sound bites, clichés, labels, and slogans; a group who only seeks to tear down America anyway.

One last thought on this guy: There are a few other conservative radio/TV hosts out there who occasionally get it right. And there are a few who, even when they are right, are still dead wrong because of their intent and agenda. Like those on the Left, they start with something they've already concluded and want to prove. (Usually, that they are so wonderfully humble and objective, and that Donald Trump is a pig.) But one thing I've seen consistently over the years: Even when the "Mayor of Realville" gets it "wrong," he is still right, because he is on the right trail with knowledge guided by experience — a knowledge of what REALLY motivates the Left, and how they operate.

You only need to listen for a while to realize that Rush is Right.


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