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Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey were sacrificed for the future of the Democrat Party.

November 12, 2017

Back to the Future of the Democrat Party

I had a Eureka moment last night, and it is really quite scary. I am absolutely convinced I know why Dems are outing their own, like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. Or as I'd like to put it, "For Democrats so loved the world power, that they gave their only begotten Sons, that whosoever crossed Democrats in future elections, should not win, but have everlasting loss." Let me explain.

Smear campaigns have always been one of the most effective tools in the Democrats' arsenal. Whenever they've wanted to destroy a political opponent, they'd dig up some dirt on that opponent. If they couldn't find any, they'd make some up. If a Democrat was accused of anything, Democrats would always circle the wagons and protect their candidates, while Republicans would always throw their own candidates under the bus. Democrats counted on this.

During the presidential campaign, after the "Access Hollywood" tape was released, the Clinton camp sent out several full color brochures that said Donald Trump was a pig, asking how would you explain it to your daughters if he were elected, and telling women they must vote for Hillary, even if their husbands were voting for Trump. (Guess they realized Hillary wasn't a Man Magnet.)

Everyone knew this was totally disingenuous of Democrats; that Liberals were by far the worst perpetrators of actual abuse, and that this was just a political ploy. So the ploy backfired, causing more people to vote for Trump. Democrats began to realize that Trump supporters were circling the wagons for Republicans (because Republicans wouldn't do it for themselves). But they just didn't realize how many Trump supporters there really were until after the election.

This was a real setback for Democrats. They began to realize how desperate their situation was getting. They were losing seat after seat, election after election, and they saw no hope for the future, especially without their smear tool which had worked so well for them in the past.

They needed a new strategy. Or did they? This is when Democrats had their Eureka moment. If they could just make people believe that they genuinely cared about sexual harassment, they could keep using the old smear tactic of digging up, or making up, dirt on their opponents, to destroy any future opposition candidate. And since it looked like the Titanic was going down anyway (with both the Democrat Party and Hollywood aboard), and since Democrats never let a good crisis go to waste, why not just throw some of their own overboard to convince people that they genuinely cared about sexual harassment, and make #ME TOO the big issue for all future elections? Thus, The Great Liberal Sexual Harassment Purge of 2017.

Just watch who #ME TOO ends up benefiting/hurting? It will be a witch hunt for Republican candidates. Even though the ratio is probably 100:1 Democrat abusers:Republican abusers, the ratio of Republican candidates that will be brought down will be inverse. Just watch. These people are RELENTLESS.

I'm sure Democrats had Roy Moore in mind as a testing ground when they cooked up this strategy. And it looks like their test worked. But their aim is every future candidate that supports Trump and/or conservative principles. And now that they think they've convinced people that they are sincere (after all, they sacrificed their only begotten sons), they will use the smear tactic in every election. Get ready, Republicans.

The Democrats' strategy just might work. We can continue to try and circle the wagons for our people like the Dems do for theirs, but unless Republicans go on offense, fight back, and find a way to take out the Democrat candidate before Democrats can take out the Republican candidate, it is going to be difficult. And since the Republican Establishment would rather defend their club than have an outsider like Trump as president, it looks a little bleak.


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