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February 19, 2018

In the Beginning Was the Dossier

Almost a year and $7 million later, and we've charge some Russians for buying Facebook ads (most of which were bought after the election). But hey, finally some actual Russians are in the "Russian Investigation."

Oh, and we charged some Americans for some crimes that had nothing to do with our elections even though Rod Rosenstein said there were "No Americans involved" and "no effect on the election." We did something. We got somebody... for something. See, our investigation wasn't a complete waste of money. Now let's stop this investigation before we actually CAN'T protect Hillary or ourselves anymore.

Where did this whole stupid idea that Trump colluded with the Russians come from to begin with? It came from a fake dossier paid for and contributed to by Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and her campaign. It was done for the express purpose of discrediting an opposition political candidate.

It is no secret that the Clintons use smear tactics to discredit their political enemies. They tried this on Obama during the 2008 Democrat primary, when Clinton friend and confidant, Sidney Blumenthal, started the rumor that Obama was born in Kenya and leaked pictures of Obama in Muslim garb. They used smear tactics against Bernie Sanders during the 2016 primary. They have done this many times over the years to destroy their political enemies and to cover for Bill's sexual harassments.

You can't score points on defense, and the Clintons and the DNC know this. That's why they always play offensively. They do it by digging up or making up dirt on their opponents, thereby keeping their opponents on the defensive. And true to form, the Republicans always play defense, running around trying to put out the fires the Clintons or Democrats light. It's actually a very effective strategy. Starting fires, that is, not putting them out.

So to say there were no Americans involved is misleading. One thing that has been proven: Hillary (and perhaps a standing president) spied on and plotted against an opposition presidential candidate, trying to affect an election outcome. Americans were involved, and some Russians, and some British... and we now know who they were. They broke laws, election laws, and ethics laws. And they used people within the government to cover up crimes and to pursue their enemies. This is treasonous.

But Facebook ads? bought after the election? Obama sent his former campaign manager to affect Israel's election against Bibi Netanyahu. CNN, the NYT, and the Washington Post all ran story after story trying to discredit Trump, offering large sums of money to anyone who had dirt on Trump. (Wonder how much they offered for stories about Hillary that they buried?) These same networks went to extraordinary lengths to cover up or spin anything negative on Clinton. This did not go unnoticed by the America public.

But there's nothing new here. Russia has been trying to influence our elections and tear down our Republic for many year; just as we have tried to tear down communism and influence many elections in many countries for many, many years; just as Liberals have tried and are trying to influence our elections, and tear down our Republic, and trying to promote socialism and communism here and around the world for many, many years. Hum? Sounds like liberals and Russia have a lot in common.

Nothing is going to change. You can trust a Russian, Hollywood, Media, Democrat, Liberal, socialist/communist... to be a socialist/communist. Here and abroad, they think their agenda is all important; by any means necessary; important enough to lie, cheat, and steal for, and for YOU to die for. The only time they take a step back, is so they can eventually take two steps forward.

I hope these crooks are prosecuted. Not the Russians. (They will always do what they do, and if we'd spend more time on counter intelligence instead of phony investigations we could stop/negate them.) But the crooks in our own institutions. Not to punish them politically, but to hold those accountable who think they are above the law; for the purpose of protecting the future of this country.

People want to restore trust in our institutions. But not by hiding our heads in the sand and ignoring the corruption. But by cleaning it out.


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