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Liberals Collude with Russians for Stricter Gun Laws.

February 20, 2018

No More Guns, Stupid!

In Florida, hurt, emotional young people took to the street to shout, NO MORE GUNS. The press called them articulate and smart. Articulate for their ability to mimic liberal taking points regarding gun control. Smart for being able to speak in nearly complete sentences.

I completely understand their hurt and their major concerns, but I only partially agree with their premises.

1) Is it is not ok to kill people.

(I completely agree with this. So do shooters. That's why they do it, because it's NOT ok.)

2) If we had less guns, there would be less murders.

(Shooters also agree with this, because they would be safer if no one but them had a gun. That's why they go to gun-free "safe" zones, because it's NOT ok to have a gun there. And these shooters would love for the whole USA to be a gun-free killing field.)

Liberals push the gun control narrative because their long term plan is to create long term problems. But people who want real solutions do NOT agree with the premise that less guns = less murders, and neither do the facts.

In 2009 Russia, with about a third of the population of the USA, had nearly TWICE as many murders as the USA, and they have less than 4.33% of the guns as the USA. And they have far stricter gun laws, according to a September 21, 2013 NPR report entitled, "The U.S. Has More Guns, But Russia Has More Murders."

In the United States, over 80 percent of murders in 2011 were gun-related. Russia does not do a weapon breakdown of its murder statistics. But even if there aren't as many "gun" murders in Moscow, this only further illustrates my point — there are far less guns and far more murders with far stricter gun laws — meaning causality lies someplace besides the gun.

  • Russian citizens cannot own semi-auto or automatic weapons.
  • They may apply for a license for a shotgun or handgun, but they must prove it is for hunting or target practice.
  • The background check includes criminal history, medical exam, and a full psychological exam.
  • They must pass a firearms law/safety test.
  • The police must come to your home and register the weapon, and do gun and cartridge pattern tests so they can be matched if used in a crime.
  • The license expires in 5 years, at which time the complete process must be done all over again.

In spite of these strict laws, Russia has had numerous mass shootings carried out with automatic weapons. And according to a 2011 poll, 80% of Russians wanted to keep these strict laws in place. So would giving more Russians guns mean less murders or more? Hard to say. It's Russia. If they can't find a gun, they'll reach for what's handy.

But some in Russia, including Maria Butina, 24 year old founder of the Moscow based group, "Right to Bear Arms" would like for people to have a better chance of defending themselves. "Our citizens are deprived of normal tools of self-defense, and that plays an important role in public safety," she told The Moscow News.

But it is quite clear from Russian laws that the Russian government doesn't want its citizens defending themselves. And with 4 times the murders as the USA, it's quite clear the government can't defend them. So if 80% of Russian citizens don't want to defend themselves, then no doubt, they'll soon be shouting (along with American Liberals):



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