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Mr. Mueller and his ilk stocked the lake with the very fish they've caught.

July 16, 2018

To Kill A Mockery

I was around 9 years old when I first saw Gregory Peck star in, "To Kill a Mockingbird." I was so outraged by the injustice depicted, that for a long time after I wanted to be a lawyer. No, it wasn't because Tom Robinson was a black man. It was because he was a human being, and the idea that any human would be treated with injustice caused unspeakable outrage in me, even at my young age.

Though I eventually gave up the idea of being a lawyer, I still feel indignant when I feel I've been treated unfairly, or protective if I feel someone else has been treated unfairly. I especially feel this way when the person committing the injustice is arrogant about it and has a "you can't touch me" attitude.

We live in an age where conjured injustices get most of the attention, while real injustices are ignored. Police officers are accused of harassing the public en masse, while our FBI, DOJ, and their "special" prosecutors harass with impunity. The longer they get away with it, the more convinced they are that they run the world, and that everyone else is just ants ruining their picnic.

Robert Mueller is not the man of integrity that Democrats make him out to be. The mere fact that Democrats say that he is, ought to be a "dead giveaway." He has a long list of prosecutorial abuses -- even to the extent of cruelty. (And the fact that Rod Rosenstein sought him out for a job that could have been done by any U.S. attorney's office is reveling of Rosenstein as well.)

Some Americans are outraged by the use of water-boarding on enemy combatants and terrorists, yet Mueller's actions have been against American citizens. The sad truth is, powerful people in high places have a history of unbelievable cruelty to carry out their personal and political agendas. Robert Mueller is one such hit-man. Andrew Weisman, sought out and hired by Mueller, is even worse.

The inquisition we see going on now in Washington is nothing more than a group of offended, threatened liberal elites who lost an election to Donald Trump and his smelly Wal-Mart shoppers.

(And Mr. Smirk, I'm guessing you haven't been to Wal-Mart lately, if at all, because it is mostly immigrants and people wearing burkas and hijabs -- those that your party pretends to care so much about -- those who consistently vote for your party.)

But in all of this chicanery several things are clear:

1) Both sides know Trump didn't collude with the Russians. But one side doesn't care. They just want to do ANYTHING they can to get Trump.

2) Most understand that there is no way the Russians DID or even COULD affect the outcome of our elections. This is what Rosenstein announced a few days ago when he said that not a single vote or election outcome was affected. Even Obama said so. (And even what the Russians were indicted for happened AFTER the elections.)

3) The Russians that Mueller indicted worked for the Russian government and didn't do anything that they haven't been doing for decades -- intelligence/counter intelligence -- which we do as well. I'm hoping we are better at it. But from what I've seen from the CIA/FBI lately, I'm beginning to doubt it. But there will be no extradition of these Russians, any more than the USA would allow extradition of our counter-parts.

4) For your consideration: With as much corruption and blatant partisanship as has been uncovered in the FBI/CIA, and DOJ, and with someone as corrupt as former CIA head Brennan involved, and with the ability of the CIA to leave false signatures behind on computers they have hacked... well, add all that to the open hatred they have for Donald trump...? You do the math. But it is amazing to me how those who once professed to long for world peace, have suddenly become hawks and war-mongers. And with as much bad intel as the CIA gave Bush before 911 and about Iraq, it may be just what they want -- a war to try and destroy Trump.

But let's talk about interference in elections. The USA and international community RE-CONDUCTED an entire presidential election in Ukraine in 2005. Obama sent his chief campaign strategist to Israel, who sent his workers door to door to smear Bibi Netanyahu. I'm sure we can deal with some Facebook ads, or even the hacking of the DNC server. (You know, the server the DNC refused to allow the FBI to examine.)

This whole investigation has been tainted from the beginning. Mr. Mueller and his ilk stocked the lake with the very fish they've caught. And the longer Mueller is allowed to continue his fishing expedition, the more lives will be destroyed, for no other reason than to GET TRUMP.

It's time to end it. Not for Trump's sake. He didn't do anything wrong. WE THE PEOPLE did. We are guilty of picking our own candidate. And with the help of God, we are going to keep doing that. Get used to it.

P.S. I think a lovely ad/slogan for the upcoming elections would be a picture of Mr. Smirk smirking his lovely smirk, with the following slogan superimposed:



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