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Inspector Mueller is abandoning the Russia Hoax to pursue the Al Capone Hoax.

August 26, 2018

The Russians Aren't Coming,
So Now the "Untouchables" Are

"There’s no allegation in this document that any American citizen committed a crime. There’s no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result." Rod Rosenstein, July 13, 2018

The Russian Investigation has subtly morphed into the "Trump Crime Family" Investigation. Robert "Eliot Ness" Mueller (and every anti-Trumper) is convinced that Trump is guilty of something, but they just can't pin Trump with Russian Collusion. So he's gonna get "slippery Don" (and probably his entire family) on tax evasion. You know the Al Capone scenario.

Seems funny that I never heard a negative word about Donald Trump from Hillary, Dems, Mitt Romney, Republicans, gays, Blacks, women, Hollywood, media... ANYONE... UNTIL he announced he was running for president. They laughed for a little while, then went into full scale war against him just as a precaution... an "insurance policy" if you (or Mr. Smirk and associates) will. But from the primaries though post-election, underneath the Russian Collusion narrative was the "show us Trump's tax returns" drone. (Remember Maddow's big reveal? He he he.)

As many times as we've all heard the words "Clinton Crime Family," and as bitter as Hillary is for her loss, and as well-known as the Clinton strategy is of accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of, I have little doubt that this "Capone" scheme came directly from the Clintons themselves, just as the Russian Collusion scheme did. Maybe it was the intended scheme all along; the Russian probe just a ploy to get to those tax returns. The IRS had seen them and didn't have a problem with them. But just wait till Eliot Ness Mueller and his 13... 'er, 17 Angry Democrats get hold of them.

While the media and Liberals and never-Trumpers are cheering-on this witch hunt, happy that the DOJ is ignoring constitutional due-process, as well as many other aspects of the constitution, the rest of us are fighting mad. Mainly because the Left has forgotten their frequently quoted poem about, "When they came for the Jews, I said nothing..." Apparently, the poem only applies to LGBTQxxx~ and illegal immigrants.

The truth is, those with "coexist" bumper stickers are the least likely to actually want to. They want what the .0001% want, and not what would actually benefit ALL Americans, including the .0001%. They also want to let all the "disadvantaged" people of the world into our country to share in its benefits (while calling it a crappy country), yet call our country imperialistic when we actually try to help these disadvantage countries become more like our own.

Only hatred, selfishness, and mental illness (and a whole lot of money for the upper echelon) could guide this kind of blindness. It's killing our country, hurting the world, and yes, Russian trolls are helping in the process by throwing in with Liberals with their incessant anti-Trump comments and posts. Most of us on the Right see what is happening. The suicidal Left is just too filled with hate to care what is happening.

China has been much more subtle than Russia by contributing money to Leftists' think-tanks in America. But now they are playing American war-game strategies. Now Russia has joined China in these war-games. The Left is doing their part by doing everything possible to make sure we fall from within. I'd call that collusion. Or treason.

If our country were to enter into another armed civil war, the anti-gun, mostly-unarmed Left must realize we on the Right are still clinging to our guns and Bibles -- not because we want to kill people, but because we want to protect our families and country. (We also want to protect self-destructive Liberals and their freedoms.) If such a conflict were to happen, it would be the ideal time for Russia and China to strike.

The above scenario is unlikely. It will probably play out the way it already is -- with Liberal companies quietly blacklisting Conservatives, NRA member, and anyone else who supports Donald Trump. This will eventually create two Americas. Conservatives will support each other and succeed without Liberals; Liberals will cry foul and eat each other when they find out they don't know how to support themselves (or their habits) without Conservative money and Conservative common sense and know-how. (Oh, they'll still have Facebook to bash each other... probably.)

The GDP is now at 3.1 -- something Obama told us would never happen again. Trump pulled out his "magic wand," and those jobs are coming back. The projected GDP is 4.1. This is astounding. But what is even more astounding is, that many who are benefitting from Trump's policies -- especially the Tech Industry -- are now collectively plotting against Trump and his policies.

The only thing Trump can't do with his magic wand is to get rid of the insane, unjustified, destructive and self-destructive hatred from the Left. If I have any criticism of President Trump at all, it is for thinking he could. But I do admire him for trying.


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